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Lindenwood University offers you different ways to learn about economics. You can earn a bachelor of arts (BA), bachelor of science (BS), a minor in business economics, as well as a microcredential in philosophy, politics, and economics (PPE).

Effective fall 2021, the bachelor of science in business economics degree program will be officially designated as a STEM program. Recognized by the US Department of Homeland Security, this classification entitles international students who earn this degree to be eligible for three years of optional practical training (OPT) in the United States – in contrast to non-STEM fields where international students are eligible for only one year of OPT.

Economics gives you a powerful way to understand and influence the world around you. The economics programs at Lindenwood University train students to be effective problem solvers. Students develop a strong understanding of economic theory, decision-making, economic policy, and other economic issues. Students learn to apply valuable quantitative and analytical skills, including econometrics and business analytics, to solve real-world problems. In addition to specialized economics training, students receive relevant knowledge and skills from a well-rounded core of business courses that are widely applicable in many careers.

The Economics Department pursues excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service to enrich your study of economics. Students find an economics faculty that is supportive, well trained, and experienced. Small classes allow students to closely engage with faculty and fellow students. Students gain quantitative and analytical skills highly desired in the workplace. As part of the Economics Department, the Hammond Institute for Free Enterprise at Lindenwood University ranks among the top nine percent of economics institutions based on the quality and impact of its research. Lindenwood’s Economic Education Center provides unique opportunities to increase economic and financial literacy across campus, throughout the community, and around the nation. Students are encouraged to enhance their learning by earning course credit while gaining practical experience through internships and other experiences. Lindenwood faculty, advisors, and career center staff provide opportunities for students to interact with potential employers. Active involvement in student organizations, such as the international economics honor society Omicron Delta Epsilon and the Hammond Institute Student Fellows, expands these valuable networking opportunities. Students can also personally explore the world while completing coursework through shot-term study-abroad opportunities.

Economics equips students with knowledge and skills valued by employers in many professions. Economics empowers students to make sound decisions, analyze behavior, interpret data, forecast changes, and solve problems. Students trained in Business Economics are in high demand across a wide range of corporate, non-profit and public sectors, including finance, healthcare, technology, utilities, and government. Economics training also provides excellent preparation for graduate studies in a wide range of fields, including economics, business, law, and social sciences. Graduates of Lindenwood’s economics programs find employment at a wide range of places like Express Scripts, Anheuser-Busch, PwC Middle East, Kennedy Capital Management, and Infinite Electronics.

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