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International Business Graduate Certificate

International Business Graduate Certificate

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Graduate Certificate offered in On-campus and Hybrid formats.

According to World Bank data, 30.11 percent of Global GDP is exported.  Firms, both large and small, have found the global market to be good source of sales and profit.  

By completing the international business graduate certificate you will acquire knowledge and skills that will be to your advantage when engaging in the world of international business. You will be learning from instructors who have years of direct personal experience working in international business, as well as instructors who have doctorate degrees in international business. The culminating outcome of the program will be your ability to develop and manage international business strategy on both a small and large scale. 

You will be able to accomplish this outcome with acquired cultural literacy combined with a knowledge of marketing and personnel management in a myriad global settings.  You will have the ability to identify and adjust to various economic environments that may impose challenges to global business, and you will have the skill to recognize and mitigate international financial risk.  Also, you will have a knowledge of international business operations.  Your program will conclude with a capstone course that will combine what you have learned of the various business disciplines contained in the program and apply them to plan a comprehensive global business strategy.  When the course is completed you will be a valued asset to a firm engaging in international business.