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Preparing Grant Submissions

The Sponsored Projects Office is available to assist in identifying and preparing Grant applications in several ways. In some cases, it will be sufficient to prepare the application and reach out to the SPO or a colleague to review the application. In other cases, the SPO can provide substantial assistance in preparing the Grant application and ensuring compliance with all funding agency regulations or requirements.

Please visit the LU Grants Handbook for detailed advice on identifying, preparing, and submitting Grant applications.

Authorizing Contracts and Agreements

Each grant, award, or contract is an agreement between the funding agency and Lindenwood University. Each agreement will outline any restrictions on the funds, reporting requirements, and other regulatory requirements. In the case of federal funding, these requirements can be complex to navigate.

The SPO will forward your agreement for appropriate authorization by LU. A PI/PD may not negotiate or sign any agreement on behalf of LU.

As the PI/PD of a Grant or Sponsored Project, you are affirming that you are aware of these requirements and have taken steps to ensure compliance for the duration of the project.

Processing an Award

Processing a Grant or Sponsored Project award can involve a lot of different people and offices at LU. To help facilitate this critical part of the grants administration process, the PI or awardee will need to complete the Post-Award Form. The Post-Award Form will ensure LU is creating your award correctly in our accounting systems and that we are aware of all related reporting, HR, and facilities requirements.

Grants Accounting

One of the most important steps of the process is establishing your funds in our Workday accounting process accurately. After an award or agreement has been fully processed, Fiscal Affairs will create a specified account for your grant with all relevant restrictions, reporting details, and timelines noted.

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