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You can learn about fundraising, volunteer management, community service, grant writing and budget management when you earn a minor in Nonprofit Administration from Lindenwood University.

The minor in nonprofit administration at Lindenwood University is a program open to all students interested in issues of social leadership; business and economic opportunity; equal access to education, health care and the arts; and/or environmental conservation as well as cross-cultural understanding both within the United States and internationally.Through study, service, and civic engagement, students minoring in nonprofit administration will become proactive citizens who find creative and practical solutions to local, national and global problems.

When you minor in nonprofit administration at Lindenwood University, you will be able to use your liberal arts education in combination with a variety of business, writing and research skills to create an original project that will seek to remedy clearly defined social, cultural or economic problems. The nonprofit administration program is primarily intended for students who have an interest in nonprofit organizations and community service, and who desire interdisciplinary knowledge which can transform and make a difference in society.

Nonprofit Administration minor requirements

Program Objectives

  1. To provide students with the interdisciplinary knowledge and skills needed to study, re-search and find innovative solutions to contemporary problems in nonprofit administration;
  2. To help students to understand the prolific influence of nonprofit administration theory and development as it is practiced locally, nationally and globally;
  3. To offer students an opportunity to study contemporary issues and their solutions through social entrepreneurship, community-based problem-solving, decision-making, and service- learning.

Program Requirements

Students will work with a NPA Department faculty member to select courses, a community agency and complete the program.

  1. A minimum of 24 credits are required to complete the minor, including an off-campus partnership with a community agency;
  2. Core requirements (15 credits);
  3. Select three approved electives (9 credits) of special interest;
  4. Special Topics and other courses can be used if approved by the minor Advisor
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