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COVID-19 Information

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Plaster College of Business and Entrepreneurship

Advertising and
Strategic Communications (BA)

Advertising and
Strategic Communications (BA)

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The Mission

Lindenwood University’s Advertising and Strategic Communications Program is committed to providing an industry-focused curriculum. Our students learn to communicate across various media to gain industry knowledge through practical hands on application, real-life projects, and professional events.

The Vision

We create strategic team players and leaders in the advertising and public relations industry.

Advertising & Strategic Communications Course Requirements

Bachelor of Arts in Advertising & Strategic Communications course requirements.

Advertising Minor course requirements.

Public Relations Minor course requirements.

"The only constant is change.” This statement is especially true because consumer tastes are constantly changing as well as the media those consumers use to interact with products and services. We are exposed to up to 5,000 ads per day on personal computers, on our telephones, at the gas pumps, in movie theaters, on wrapped cars, in bathroom stalls, on stickers placed on fruit, and during sporting events. Like advertising, public relations is everywhere, as practitioners strive to gain editorial coverage for individuals and companies.

Digital media has reshaped the ad game as consumers are leaving a digital trail of their consumption of products and services. Companies risk losing customers if they are unable to tailor campaigns that reflect and resonate with the target audience. Consumers desire a dialogue with brands, and social media (tweet, video, chat, post, hashtag, blog) is an ideal tool for advertisers to converse with current and potential customers. Companies need savvy and knowledgeable people to navigate ever-changing situations. This could be you.

You will continually improve your professional communication skills, from basic oral and written skills to specialized skills in research, strategy, creativity, writing, and management. When you are a Lindenwood University advertising and strategic communications student, you will be prepared for the professional world, both today and in the future.

Earning a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising & Strategic Communications at Lindenwood University

In addition to required general education courses, you will study a variety of courses in psychology, radio and video production, advertising, public relations, digital web design, marketing, digital content strategy, and media literacy. A Bachelor of Arts degree in Advertising and Strategic Communications requires 60 credit hours. 

You are required to complete experiential coursework. Experiential opportunities expose you to new ways of understanding, engages you in relevant activities, and helps you make connections between your coursework and your workplace. Experiential coursework includes: Applied Advertising and Strategic Communications, Advertising and Strategic Communications Competitions, and Internships. These opportunities are intended to enhance your resume and lead to job offers after graduation.

Earning a Minor in Advertising or Public Relations at Lindenwood University

You can earn a Minor in Advertising or a Minor in Public Relations at Lindenwood University. A minor is simply a secondary academic subject to add to your knowledge, whether it is of professional or personal interest.

A minor in advertising requires 21 credit hours, the minor in public relations requires 21 credit hours. These minors are beneficial to students earning degrees in business, broadcasting, cinema arts, graphic design, digital media, marketing, promotion, theatre, web design, and a variety of other industries that sell products and services.

Lindenwood University Advertising & Strategic Communications Faculty

You will be taught by some of the most enthusiastic advertising and public relations  practitioners. They have the educational background and real-world, professional skills in advertising, public relations, and strategic communications. They understand the ever-changing landscape of the industry and will prepare you for the next step after graduation, whether that is a career in your chosen field or continuing your education in graduate school.

Learn more about the faculty.

Earning Advertising Ethics Certification

The American Advertising Federation, in conjunction with the Institute for Advertising Ethics (IAE), has initiated a new professional certificate opportunity for advertising, public relations, and marketing communications professionals. Based on the growing and documented importance of ethics to consumers, professionals, and clients; the half-day session prepares students to understand and resolve the ethical dilemmas in the real word of advertising. 

What Can You Do With a Career in Advertising & Strategic Communications

Careers in advertising and strategic communications can vary from account managers to specialists. Each specialty can bring a different career outlook and salary. Information about the job and salary outlook for advertising and strategic communications-related careers can be found in the Career Salary Guide.


Learn about the awards won by current students and recent graduates from the Advertising and Strategic Communications Program. As a student, you will be able to earn these prestigious awards too!