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Business Economics (BA, BS)

Business Economics (BA, BS)

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Students will no longer be admitted into the Business Economics (BA, BS) beginning Fall 2024. Students should discuss program options with an advisor in the Plaster College of Business and Entrepreneurship.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Bachelor of Science (BS) offered in On-campus formats.

Lindenwood University offers you the opportunity to earn a bachelor of arts (BA), bachelor of science (BS), or minor in business economics.

The business economics degree from Lindenwood University will provide you with a solid grounding in economic theory, along with training in applied econometrics. In addition to your specialized training, you will receive a well-rounded business education that will prepare you for a wide array of careers in business.

Business Economics Faculty at Lindenwood University

The business economics faculty at Lindenwood University is made up of degreed educators and business professionals, all with a doctorate, who know their subjects and also act as advisors to you.. They will pass their knowledge on to you. Small class sizes and easily accessible faculty ensure that you, as a Lindenwood University student, are afforded the attention and instructional time you deserve.

Earning a Business Economics Degree at Lindenwood University

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Business Economics

A bachelor of arts in business economics requires 72-74 credit hours and a bachelor of science in business economics requires 75-77 credit hours of business-related courses and electives, plus a general education core. The difference in a bachelor of arts and a bachelor of science is that the core of a BA is generally more diverse and a BS is more concentrated in the subject area. Topics of study include money and banking, macroeconomics, microeconomics, and international economics, plus many more.

If you pursue a BA or BS in Business Administration, you may earn an emphasis in economics by completing 12 of your 21-24 credit hours of elective coursework in economics.

Earning an Economics Minor at Lindenwood University

You can earn a minor in economics or a minor in economics policy at Lindenwood University. A minor is simply a secondary academic subject to add to your knowledge, whether it is of professional or personal interest.

What Can I Do With a Business Economics Degree From Lindenwood University

Many employers place high value on employees with quantitative s-kills. Economics training is also excellent preparation for graduate coursework in business, law, or the social sciences.

Business economics is an area with demand throughout a variety of areas, both corporate and nonprofit, field with many specialties and paths.