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Lindenwood Selects New Director for Institute

Lindenwood University has announced that Dr. Anthony Clark will become the new director of its Institute for Study of Economics and the Environment (ISEE) beginning on July 1. The founding director, Dr. Kenneth Chilton, is retiring from the university.

“Dr. Chilton laid a strong foundation for ISEE at Lindenwood University, and we deeply appreciate what he has accomplished,” said Dr. James D. Evans, Lindenwood president. “We know that Dr. Clark will further enhance this valuable program.”

Clark has a doctorate in resource and development economics from the University of Missouri. He taught economics at Lindenwood during the spring semester and will become an associate professor of management in July.

He has taught courses in economics, entrepreneurship, and accounting previously. Clark also was an economist in the telecommunications department of the Missouri Public Service Commission (a division of Missouri’s Department of Economic Development.)

“ISEE programs will continue to uphold the basic premise that, under most circumstances, the market system works better as an organizing principle than does any available alternative,” said Clark. “This principle applies to environmental issues as well as other important issues facing our economy.”

In addition to continuing the Economic Policy Lecture Series that has become a staple on the Lindenwood University campus over the past six years, Clark says he will seek to take ISEE’s message out into the community. He plans to develop a series of presentations that highlight the importance and usefulness of economics in everyday life. He also will continue to produce and co-host (with the Division of Management) the local cable television program “Focus on Business.”

Clark further plans to expand the economics course offerings at Lindenwood, with the end goal of establishing an undergraduate economics major. He said he envisions conducting select research projects of local or regional relevance--projects that could serve as vehicles for increased collaboration between the university and the community, as well as educational opportunities for Lindenwood students.

Chilton will continue as an adjunct fellow at the institute.

“Since I have been involved with environmental policy issues for three decades now, I appreciate this opportunity to continue to share my views with students and policymakers,” Chilton said.

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