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Lindenwood to Offer Online Admissions Services

Lindenwood University will offer a variety of online admissions services, including the ability to apply online, through ConnectEdu, the nation’s leading provider of innovative college planning, admissions and financial aid solutions.

The partnership makes Lindenwood one of the first colleges in Missouri to offer the online services through the company, whose Connect! product provides a national network that includes colleges, universities and high school students, parents and guidance counselors with information critical to the college placement process.

Through the service, students will also be able to apply for admission online, including submission of transcripts and letters of recommendation directly to Lindenwood’s student information system.

The service is slated to go online on July 25. Students who wish to use the system may do so either through Lindenwood’s website or via their guidance counselors at participating schools.

“Lindenwood University is pleased to become one of the first universities in the state to partner with ConnectEdu,” said Dr. James Evans, President. “After evaluating all the options available to us, we chose Connect!, not only because it is one of the most efficient and cost-effective solutions, but because ConnectEdu shares our mission to help students. Like ConnectEdu, we encourage all young people to pursue higher education, and by providing Connect! to all high schools in Missouri, we hope to facilitate opportunities for a new generation of college-bound students.”

The Connect! service will also provide Lindenwood admissions counselors with search tools that will allow them to identify and contact student members of the Connect! network throughout the nation, based on academic performance, extracurricular interests and other criteria that match Lindenwood’s programs, campus, athletics and student activities.

The Connect! platform is available to high school students and guidance counselors at no charge.

Other colleges and universities that use the Connect! program include the University of Connecticut, Rutgers University, the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Missouri State University, Old Dominion University and Truman State University.

“ConnectEdu is focused on students.” said Craig Powell, President of ConnectEdu. “We created Connect! to empower students as they consider their college options. In one on-line location, we provide the most comprehensive planning tools as well as information on financing an education. Our goal is to make sure everyone supporting the student has access to the most reliable information; can easily communicate with each other; and will ultimately guide the student in making one of the most important decisions in their life. Our partnership with Lindenwood University represents a major step towards changing the way families in Missouri approach college admissions.”

For more information on Connect! visit or call 617-532-3000.

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