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Lindenwood University Recruits Eagle Scout Jeffry Harris

How many Eagle Scouts does it take to change the world? If you said “one,” you would not only be right, you would understand the importance of the Scouting Movement to our communities and nation. But what about the impact of twenty one Eagle Scouts?

If you asked Jeffry Harris, Eagle Scout from Ellisville, he would probably shrug and respond that Lindenwood University expects him, and the other Eagles, to change the world.

Lindenwood University understands this importance and has begun to target Eagle Scouts to increase the quality and impact of their student body.

So far this year, over 20 Eagle Scouts have decided to enroll at Lindenwood University. Harris, who will enroll in classes this Friday, is number 21 and will not be the last.

“We are one of the only universities in the country that has a dedicated Eagle Scout recruiter,” explains Scouting Program Coordinator, Chris Burnette, himself an Eagle Scout.

“I have the best job ever devised. I get to find, recruit and help Eagle Scouts pursue a higher education. I also get to motivate them and encourage them to become leaders. We want to change the world, and I love the fact that I do it everyday.”

Next year’s student body will include over 100 Eagle Scouts whose home towns span the entire country, coast to coast. The University continues to award Eagle Scouts financial assistance through their Million Dollar Character Scholarship Program and they expect over 30 new Eagles this coming fall semester.

Jeffry Harris will accept a $6,000 per year Eagle Scout scholarship this Friday. When combined with his work study award of $2,400 per year, this adds up to a lot of money.

Jeffry plans on earning his Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration from Lindenwood before opening his own business. Lindenwood has given him the opportunity to advance his life and reach his goals.

Burnette commented that “Scouting has given Jeffry a good heart, a drive to succeed, and the leadership skills that I wish our entire student body possessed. We couldn’t be more proud to have Jeffry join our student body. I wish we had a thousand more just like him.”

For more information, please contact Chris Burnette, Scouting Program Coordinator, at, (636) 949-4118, or call Lindenwood University, Office of Admissions at (636) 949-4949.

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