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Mary Sivage Earns Prestigious Truman Award

Lindenwood University junior Mary Sivage has earned a prestigious Truman Foundation scholarship, which makes her one of three students in Missouri and the first in Lindenwood history to win the award.

The Harry S Truman Scholarship Foundation awarded the $30,000 scholarship to 70 students from 51 American colleges or universities. The scholars were selected by 15 independent selection panels on the basis of leadership potential, intellectual ability, and likelihood of "making a difference."

Sivage, a former foster child, has proposed a Missouri state government program, currently under consideration by the legislature, to help children in the foster care system receive state support to attend college. She said feels honored by the award and is excited at the possibilities it opens up for her.

"This means a lot for me and my future career," said Sivage. "It is a unique accomplishment, and I think it widens my horizons quite a bit."

Sivage, who is pursuing her undergraduate degree in public management and political science, conducted Debate Watch 2000 on the Lindenwood campus during the 2000 presidential campaign, founded a non-partisan political society at Lindenwood University and interned for the St. Charles County Counselor's office. She said she would like to pursue a career in politics, preferably at the national level.

The Truman Scholarship is intended for use with a graduate program leading directly to a doctorate, which Sivage intends to pursue in political science or public policy analysis. Sivage and the rest of the Truman Scholars will assemble May 20 for a week-long leadership development program in Liberty, Mo. they will receive their awards in a special ceremony at the Truman Library in Independence, Mo.

There have been 2,089 Truman scholars since the awards were first made in 1977.

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