Tuition 2023-24

Tuition 2023-24


Lindenwood combines highly respected academics in a learning environment dedicated to student success, and the University has worked hard to manage educational costs. This positive news comes as inflation has reached record highs and operating costs continue to increase. In addition, the commitment made by students and their support system to pursue a Lindenwood degree is commendable. University teams are here to assist and ensure that financial investment in a Lindenwood education is meaningful.

Traditional Undergraduate Tuition
Full-time Tuition (Block Rate) $19,900 / year
One Fee (Traditional Undergraduate Full-Time) $1,200 / year
Out of Block Rate
(Under 12 or Over 18 credit hours)
$663 / credit hour
Military Dependent Discount 20% non-stackable
discount rate

Peer Benchmarking
Comparing Traditional Undergraduate
2022 - 2023 Tuition and Fees
Saint Louis University $38,064 - 51,264
Missouri Baptist $32,074
Webster University $29,640
Fontbonne University $28,696
William Woods University $27,480
Maryville University $27,166
Missouri Valley University $22,450
Lindenwood University
Source: University websites, 2022 - 2023 published tuition and fees.
Food and Housing
Standard (Double or Triple) - Residence Hall $10,200 / year
Single - Residence Hall $10,700 / year
Single - Houses $11,400 / year

Non Traditional Undergraduate Tuition
Undergraduate Semester $495 / credit hour
Active-Duty Military Personnel
(Using State or Federal Tuition Assistance)
$250 / credit hour
accomplished through a scholarship/grant
Non-Active Military 20% Off / credit hour

Subscription Based Programming, Lindenwood Global – Undergraduate
Part Time Flat Rate Tuition $2,250 / term
Full Time Flat Rate Tuition  $4,200 / term

Lindenwood Global Undergraduate terms are each 9 weeks long. There are 5-6 terms per calendar year. Part Time students can take 6 credit hours per term. Full Time students can take 12 credit hours per term. 

Graduate Tuition
Plaster College of Business and Entrepreneurship $597 / credit hour
MFA $561 / credit hour
All Other Graduate $551 / credit hour
Education Specialist (EdS) $607 / credit hour
Doctor of Education (EdD) $845 / credit hour
Active-Duty and Non-Active Military 20% Off / credit hour

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