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A learning community is a set of classes organized around a theme. It is a dynamic learning experience designed specifically for first-year students.

Learning communities give you the chance to study a particular theme from different perspectives with professors who are experts and are excited about the theme. You will make friends and develop relationships as part of a learning team. This dynamic learning environment will accelerate your academic and personal growth by developing your ability to think in flexible and creative ways. Make connections across disciplines in order to see the world in a new light. These courses also count toward General Education and program requirements.

Each community is strictly limited to accommodate no more than 20 students. Don’t miss this unique and exciting opportunity—reserve your place in a learning community today!

Benefits of Participating in a Learning Community

  • A community of learners with shared interests.

  • Personal relationships with faculty and opportunities for mentorship.

  • Research shows that students who participate in learning communities experience higher levels of academic and professional satisfaction and success!

Spring 2018 Learning Communities Available


Explore the sociocultural history of food, as well as the relationship between food and the environment. There will be hands-on workshops where you will cook the foods you are studying, as well as field trips to local food markets. This is the perfect community for those who love food and want a deeper understanding of the substances that fuel our bodies!

Politics and Persuasion

It is impossible to do politics without language. Explore how the language used in politics is shaped by culture and religion, while also developing advanced writing skills for use in other courses and your future career. This is an excellent community for students who want to better understand how our world works, why it works the way it does, and how we got to where we are today.

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