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A learning community is a set of classes organized around a theme. It is a dynamic learning experience designed specifically for first-year students.

Lindenwood students have an exciting opportunity to participate in a specialized learning community created to make the most of their first-year experience. Learning communities are comprised of students with similar interests/majors. These students choose to learn, study, and explore their fields of interest together. 

The Learning Community (LC) program consists of co-enrolling students in two to four courses in the fall. Each of these courses are selected around either a topic of interest or an academic degree program. You may participate as either a residential or commuter student. 



"You have so much more support, so much more community, and it won't feel like you against the world. I think that's a really good benefit for the students." -Melissa Qualls, Assistant Professor of English  

"If you bring together students in a community, not just in one class but in three classes together, they are going to create bonds that will last at least through their college career- we'd like to think even further."- Kris Smith, Professor of History 

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