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Frequently Asked Questions

 Get answers to these commonly asked campus mail questions.


Where can I send mail?

There is a USPS drop off box located on the 3rd floor of the Spellmann Center, and you can buy stamps at Schnucks, CVS, or at the post office opposite Kingshighway from campus. There are three pedestrian crossings leading directly to that complex, including the Kingshighway/First Capitol and Kingshighway/West Clay intersections. 

There is also a UPS at 498 5th St. The nearest Fedex and DHL locations may require transportation into St Louis county, though you may be able to order and print a shipping label online.


When can I register/renew my mailbox?

Registration opens the first day of finals week and ends the last day of the first week of class. We assign mailboxes on a first come, first served basis for each semester. For Spring 2017, registration is between December 5th and January 13th.

Renewal begins a week earlier than registration, and ends at the same time. The next renewal dates are from November 28th until January 13th.

Both forms will be available online during this period.


When can I pick up my package?

Same day pickup begins at 2PM. However, you can always pick up the next day, when you can collect your packages as early as 8AM. We hold packages for at least two weeks before returning them to sender.


Why can't I pick up my package before 2PM? The e-mail says it's here.

The e-mail is to inform you that your package has successfully arrived on campus, not that it's ready for pickup. Once it's been entered into our tracking system, we still have to process the packages and letter mail to prepare them for delivery. This process can take several hours, especially during peak times such as the first week of classes or near holidays. 


I have a package that is perishable/needs refrigeration.

We don't have any refrigerated storage right now. However, if you see that we've listed your package as perishable in the e-mail we sent you, then you can pick up your package before same day pickup starts.


Why haven't I gotten my letter/package?

For letters, it's usually that you either don't have a mailbox or it didn't show up. In rare cases, there have been errors in our records, which can be quickly corrected. Now that we're adding the option of online form submissions, this should lessen the chance of these errors. 

However, if you know something important is coming, it's best to be proactive. You can always contact us to verify your information or to inform us that a particular letter is coming our way. 

For packages, the most common issue is that the name isn't in our tracking system. We still hold these packages for two weeks, so if it's been a couple days and you haven't gotten an e-mail from us, then you can contact us at with the tracking information and your contact info and we'll check it against our records and the carrier data to connect you to your package.

Please do not come to the mailroom for package tracking; it takes longer and errors are much more likely. 


How do I open my mailbox?

  1. From 0, turn 3 full rotations to the left (counterclockwise), then go to the first number.
  2. Turn 1 full rotation to the right (clockwise), then go to the second number.
  3. Go directly to the third number, turning left.
  4. Push the dial in, then turn to the right. Then pull open.

I did that a few times, and it still didn't open.

Try going more than 3 rotations before the first number to reset the lock. Also, on some locks, it may be helpful to push up instead of in during step 4. 

If that still doesn't work, talk to someone during our operating hours to verify your combination or determine if your lock is broken. 


Can't you just grab my mail out of my mailbox?

No, we can't. That's considered mail tampering, which is illegal.


I need to receive a letter, but I don't have a mailbox.

We get it. Sometimes things happen. You can make arrangements with us on a case-by-case basis via e-mail or in person. Just let us know what your situation is, and we can recommend the option(s) best suited to your needs. 

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