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Director, Therapists, and Support Staff

The Wellness Center has qualified staff members to help you when you need it.


Whitney MathisonDr. Whitney Mathison, PhD., LPC., NCC
(636) 949-4528

  • Ph.D.- Family Therapy
  • M.Ed.- Community Counseling- University of Missouri St. Louis
  • Missouri Licensed Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor
  • BA.- Psychology- University of Missouri St. Louis

Dr. Whitney Mathison PhD, LPC, NCC. received her doctorate in Family Therapy from St. Louis University. Her years of human services have been spent working with underserved populations. Prior to joining Lindenwood University, she worked extensively with the chronically mentally ill, homeless, co-occurring, and substance abuse populations. She has worked in integrated health care with adults, adolescents, children, and families.  Additionally, Dr. Mathison has worked with couples in therapy with a variety of struggles. Most recently, she served as Clinical Supervisor, at a large outpatient mental health center connected to a hospital in the City of St. Louis. 

During her tenure, she lead a multidisciplinary team of Licensed Clinical Social Workers, MSWs, Licensed Professional Counselors, Criminal Justice majors, Bachelors level Social Work and Psychology majors, as well as graduate level interns from the field of Social Work and Counseling.  Dr. Mathison lead a team of individuals from diverse ethnicities, nationalities, geographic locations, and political affiliations during her tenure.  She prided herself on the ability to bring together people from various backgrounds and ideas for a common goal: providing mental and integrated health services for those who suffered from chronic mental and physical illnesses, and substance abuse.   Dr. Mathison, and the team also worked with people who struggled with family issues, personality disorders, and dissociative identity disorder. 

In addition to her work at the outpatient mental health clinic, private practice, and other outpatient therapy, Dr. Mathison has been an educator.  She educated students who struggled with speech and language, behavioral, and  learning disorders. She developed a curriculum and educated the deaf and hard of hearing in Science at St. Louis Public Schools.  She served as an instructor at St. Louis Community College in the Department of Human Services. Dr. Mathison has served as an Adjunct Professor at Webster University's counseling department.  She has also served as an Adjunct Professor at Ranken Technical College. Dr. Mathison has presented workshops on a variety of topics locally, regionally, and nationally.  Some topics that she has presented on have been intersectionality, social justice, feminism, privilege, microaggressions, ASIST Suicide Prevention, microaggressions experienced in the workplace, spirituality and counseling, marginalized groups and counseling, immigrants/and refugees, and African American families.

Dr. Mathison's research has also been consistent with her clinical experience. She has added to the research in family sciences, family therapy, psychology, and African Americans in higher education about the experiences of marriage and family therapy doctoral students; and most recently reviewing literature related to relationship sciences through the Psych Critiques, American Psychological Association peer reviewed journal. 

Dr. Mathison views her position as Director of the Student Counseling and Resources Center as an opportunity to reduce stigma regarding mental health and wellness, eliminate barriers so students can achieve self-actualization, educate the Lindenwood University community about overall health practices, collaborate with faculty, staff, administration, and university associations in order to achieve the mission. She believes in aligning with key stakeholders for continuous improvement of the campus community and for the community at large.  Dr. Mathison is honored to serve at Lindenwood University. 

Counseling Framework

Dr. Mathison views individuals through the biopsychosocial, critical theory, multisystemic, trauma informed, and multicultural lenses.  She practices from an integrative approach of Adlerian, Internal Family Systems, Feminist Family Therapy, Narrative, and Collaborative Language Systems theories.


Evans Commons 3rd floor Wellness Center

Staff Counselor

Sara CouchSarah Couch, MA, LPC
(636) 949-4413

Sarah graduated with a Master’s Degree in Counseling at Webster University, St. Louis and is a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Missouri.  She has been counseling children, adolescents, adults, and families for over 11 years.  Sarah’s areas of expertise include: family and relationship challenges, depression and anxiety, intimate partner abuse, trauma history, sexual trauma, addiction, codependent behaviors, LGBTQIA community, existential challenges, etc.  She uses a client-centered and strengths-based approach to assist clients in realizing their own unique traits, strengths, and abilities in order to manage their stressors outside of the counseling session and to persevere in life.  She has a friendly and sometimes humorous approach in counseling and will provide psycho-education as needed based on her years of educational and counseling experience.  Sarah works closely with clients to understand their cultural background, individual experiences, and personal counseling goals. 

Graduate-Level Intern Therapists

(636) 949-4504

Coordinating Staff and Front Desk Staff

Coordinator of the SCRC for Scheduling
(formerly Front Desk/Graduate Assistant)

Coordinators (receptionists) for SSM/SCRC

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  • Anya Robertson
  • Matt Stocker
  • Hannah McKay
  • Marielle Koffi


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