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How to Make an Appointment

How to Make an Appointment with Student Counseling Services

Office Hours

Monday – Friday, 8am – 5 pm.

The easiest way to make an appointment with Student Counseling Services is to call Student Counseling at The Wellness Center, at (636) 949-4522. It is located on the 3rd floor of Evans Commons (where the Game Room used to be located). Or, you can just stop by The Wellness Center and make an appointment with our helpful and friendly front desk staff. Our regular office hours are Monday – Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. Please be aware that we do not offer walk-in appointments. 

Who can Utilize Counseling Services?

Any main campus Lindenwood student (undergraduate and graduate) can take advantage of our free, voluntary, and confidential counseling services.

What Happens Next?

During the first session (known as the intake session), there will be a lot of information gathering. You will be asked to arrive 15 minutes early for this initial session…in order to fill out vital paperwork, and to read and sign important documents. It sometimes take more than one session for you and the intake counselor(s) to decide upon the therapeutic goals that will be focused upon in upcoming therapy sessions. Depending upon the nature of your presenting problem(s), you will most likely be assigned to a graduate-level intern counselor. This counselor, who works under the legal auspices of the Director of Student Counseling, Dr. Whitney Mathison, will then contact you to set future appointments. Your graduate-level intern may offer you evening and weekend times for your counseling sessions. Depending upon the complexity of your presenting problem(s), there is a chance that you may be assigned to Dr. Mathison for help…at least initially.

In addition, you may be apprised of appropriate group therapy opportunities available to you (both here on campus, and off campus). And you might be referred to the Wellness Center’s Student Health Center, for a possible medication evaluation. Of course, you can always refuse this option. Additionally, you may be referred to other outside help, depending upon the severity of your presenting problem.

What about Confidentiality?

Student Counseling at The Wellness Center takes confidentiality very seriously, and follows all applicable federal and state laws relative to this issue, and also adheres to the ethical rules set by the American Counseling Association and the National Board of Certified Counselors. We MUST have your informed consent to share information with anyone outside of counseling services, expect in specific instances that involve danger or serious harm to you or others, or if child or elderly abuse comes to light, or if a court order comes into play. You will be given the opportunity to read (and sign) intake paperwork that explains these exceptions.

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