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Office of Student Development

Lindenwood University is committed to the development of the whole person within a value system that acknowledges the university’s Christian heritage and focuses on four-dimensional personal growth: mental, social, physical and spiritual.

Student Development helps students to establish good learning skills; gain a broad range of knowledge and understanding about the arts, humanities and sciences; obtain social and physical enjoyment through athletic and recreational activities and special events; grow in capacity for work, achievement and leadership; and experience self-discovery and personal fulfillment that will serve a lifetime.

The University Community seeks to foster peace and harmony by maintaining order and stability. Policies and rules help to establish order and serve the common good. The Lindenwood University Community is a voluntary society that asks you as its member to possess a loyalty to the institution and personal commitment to growth, education and the community.

Message from the Vice President for Student Development

Lindenwood University has a proud legacy of educating men and women who demonstrate academic excellence, ethical leadership, and a commitment to positive social change. At Lindenwood, we believe the journey to intellectual, spiritual, and internal growth is accomplished by providing outstanding academic programs and complementing them with meaningful development opportunities. Therefore, we offer an intellectually stimulating community that fosters a love of life-long learning, promotes global awareness, fosters self-reliance, and diligence inside and outside the classroom.

By joining Lindenwood, you become an integral component of a community of diverse cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives. Your life will be enriched and transformed by your experience. We also expect Lindenwood will be enriched as a result of your participation. We invite your leadership, scholarship, activism, service, creativity, and involvement.

The Student Development Offices are committed to Lindenwood's educational mission. Our staff members are devoted to creating a campus environment that supports your needs. We offer a broad range of programs and activities that are designed to maximize the campus experience. In many respects, whether you reside on campus or commute, your engagement in student life will enhance your collegiate experience. We hope that you will take advantage of the numerous opportunities.

The Lindenwood University Student Handbook provides important information about organizations, resources, and key dates. It also outlines the responsibilities and expectations of members of the Lindenwood community. It is especially important that students read "An Understanding of Commitment" and "Campus Policy/Student Conduct" as both sections specifically apply to you. It is the responsibility of each student to be aware of university policies, procedures, regulations, and to ask questions when something is unclear.

I urge you to take the time to acquaint yourself with this website and our student handbook and use both as your personal guide for a successful experience at Lindenwood University. I wish you great accomplishments during what can be considered some of the most enriching years of your life.

With Warm Regards,

Ryan Guffey, PhD
Vice President for Student Development

Message from the Dean of Students

Welcome to Lindenwood University! It is my hope that while you are pursuing your degree, you will focus on four-dimensional personal growth areas:  mental, social, physical, and spiritual. As a member of the university community, you will have many opportunities to develop your skills and abilities, interact within our diverse community, and engage in learning through our academic and co-curricular programs. Please make every effort to get involved and connect with your fellow students, the faculty, and staff. The more you invest in the university and its opportunities, the more successful and rewarding your learning experience will be.

The following offices are housed under the Dean of Students – Career Development, Greek Life, Immunizations, Intramurals, Mailroom, Recreation Center, Student Conduct, Student Involvement, Switchboard, and the Wellness Center: Student Counseling and Health Center.

We seek to maintain a safe and stable campus community, thus you may be interested in the following resources: Student Handbook, Title IX Policy, Student Right to Know & Campus Security Report, and Guide to a Drug Free Campus. Should you have a question, please do not hesitate to contact any staff member in Student Development.  The Dean of Students Office along with Student Development work together to create programs that “lead to the development of the whole person-an educated, responsible citizen of a global community.”

Go Lions!

Shane Y. Williamson, EdD

Campus Resources

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