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Dining Services

Dining Services


Lindenwood Dining is excited to offer a variety of meal plans to meet the needs of each student with more options and flexibility. No need to worry about cooking or dishes with a meal plan. Plus use your three daily meal swipes anytime during the day!

Resident Meal Plans

LION'S PRIDE (Freshman Requirement)

19 meals per week + 100 Dining Dollars

Plan provides 19 meals per week at any dining location on campus, along with $100 Dining Dollars per semester for extra sides or an afternoon snack. Missed breakfast? Increase the size of lunch or dinner with an extra meal swipe or Dining Dollars. Use up to three meal swipes per day, Monday through Friday, at any location during hours of operation. Two meal swipes per day on Saturday/Sunday.


15 meals per week + $250 Dining Dollars

Offering more flexibility for the student with a different roar. 15 meals per week available with $250 Dining Dollars per semester. For the student who may not have the opportunity to take advantage of 19 meals per week given their schedule, but may want to grab Starbucks coffee or a quick snack on the way to their next task. Unused dining dollars from the fall will transfer to the spring!


10 meals per week + $350 Dining Dollars

Crazy schedule? As the lion roams, so may your schedule. Offering 10 meals per week with $350 Dining Dollars as the most flexible plan. Unused Dining Dollars from the fall will transfer to the spring!

Commuter Meal Plans

90 Meal Swipes per Semester + $60 Dining Dollars  -  $1,075

60 Meal Swipes per Semester + $60 Dining Dollars  -  $830

0 Meal Swipes per Semester + $220 Dining Dollars  -  $220

Block meals are eligible for Evans dine-in option.

Register for your meal plan via your Student Portal. 

Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars are accepted at all dining locations throughout the campus. Dining Dollars can be managed through the Student Portal. When you pay with Dining Dollars, no sales tax is added. It’s like a built-in discount on every purchase!

You can use Dining Dollars for a variety of things:

  • Adding dessert to a meal combo at Chick-fil-A in Spellmann Center Dining Hall.
  • Grabbing a coffee at Starbucks before your 8 a.m. class.
  • Paying for a guest to join you at Evans Dining Hall while you use a meal from your meal plan.
Virtual Tour - Dining

Virtual Tour - Dining

Students can find campus dining options at Evans Commons and Spellmann Center. Take a look for yourself!

Evans Commons Spellmann Center