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Early Childhood Education (BA)

Early Childhood Education (BA)

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Bachelor of Arts (BA) offered in On-campus formats.

The early childhood certification program at Lindenwood University provides you with both the academic coursework and the school experience necessary to qualify you to work with children from birth through third grade. Throughout the program, you are in the field working with young children and experienced teachers. In addition to field experience, the program includes curriculum in teaching methods focuses on core academic areas.

In order to be placed for student teaching, you must pass the Missouri Content Assessment. This assessment is a certification requirement.

The national organization for early childhood educators is the National Association for the Education of Young Children. The Missouri affiliate of this organization is very active and holds a yearly conference.

Lindenwood University Early Childhood Certification Faculty

The highly credentialed and experienced education faculty at Lindenwood University brings both academic and real world professional achievement to the classroom. They collaborate with colleagues from many school and community partnerships to deliver outstanding innovative learning opportunities for you and all of our education students at every level of experience.

Earning a Degree in Education with Early Childhood Certification at Lindenwood University

Lindenwood University offers a bachelor of arts (BA) in education with early childhood certification. which requires 74-76 credit hours in Early Childhood Education and 26-27 credit hours additional coursework. You will study subjects such as children’s literature, elementary reading methods, perceptual motor development and many more.

All undergraduate students must pass all sections of the Missouri General Education Assessment to be admitted into the Department of Teacher Education. This assessment is a certification requirement.

Master of Arts in Teaching

If you pursue a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT), you should meet with your advisor to review your undergraduate transcript to determine which courses meet the Missouri certification requirements.

What Can I Do With Early Childhood Certification from Lindenwood University?

When you graduate from Lindenwood University with an early childhood education degree, you will become a certified teacher, ready to work in elementary schools, preschools, and various other education facilities. The opportunities to make a difference in a child’s life start with a degree from Lindenwood University.

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