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St. Charles, Mo. / St. Louis, Mo.
Educational Studies (BA)

St. Charles, Mo. / St. Louis, Mo.
Educational Studies (BA)

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Bachelor of Arts (BA) offered in On-campus formats.

St. Charles / St. Louis  
Bachelor's in Educational Studies

If you want to work in an educational field that does not require certification, a bachelor of arts (BA) in educational studies may be the path for you. As a St. Louis educational studies student, you will meet the same admissions criteria and complete the same requirements as those admitted to the teacher education program, however, you will not have to participate in student teaching or pass the state-mandated exit assessment. This educational studies degree program does not serve as a license to teach.

Lindenwood University Educational Studies Faculty

The highly credentialed and experienced education faculty at Lindenwood University brings both academic and real world professional achievement to the classroom. Lindenwood University education faculty collaborate with colleagues from many school and community partnerships to deliver outstanding innovative learning opportunities for you and all of our education students at every level of experience. It is knowledge that they pass on to you.

Earning a Degree in Educational Studies at Lindenwood University

Lindenwood University offers an educational studies bachelor of arts (BA) degree. This degree does not certify you to teach. Topics of study include psychology of teaching and learning, middle and high school teaching and learning, behavior management, and more. There are separate elective courses for different areas: early childhood, elementary education, middle school, K-12, and secondary.

What Can I Do With an Educational Studies Degree from Lindenwood University?

When you complete your educational studies degree from Lindenwood University, you are ready to work in an educational field that does not require certification or passing state mandated exams.

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