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Special Education (BA) (Grades K-12)

Special Education (BA) (Grades K-12)

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Lindenwood University offers you the chance to earn a bachelor of arts in special education.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) offered in On-campus formats.

The B.A. in special education, a mild to moderate cross-categorical certification, will qualify you to teach K-12 students with special needs in co-teaching classrooms, resource support settings, and self-contained classrooms.

Special Education at Lindenwood

In today’s schools, the special education teacher is considered a school leader and expert in instructional design and teaching so that all children can learn. At Lindenwood University, graduates of our special education program have earned distinctions of Outstanding Teacher of the Year in their school districts and Dabney Scholar from the Missouri Council for Exceptional Children.

Lindenwood University offers you several options for special education certification (mild/moderate cross categorical) in the state of Missouri. You can major in special education and receive a B.A. degree, completing all of your student teaching experience in special education classrooms. 

If you already have an undergraduate degree in any field, you may choose Special Education for your Master of Arts in Teaching program to become certified in to teach in mild to moderate special education classrooms. If you are a practicing teacher, the M.A. in Education with an emphasis in Special Education will lead to an add on certificate in mild/moderate cross categorical special education.

The Special Education program design at Lindenwood reflects the philosophy of IDEA (Individual Disability Education Act) with an emphasis on educating the “whole” child through inclusive practices and effective collaboration. Additionally, program evaluation and assessment is based on the subject-specific competencies for Special Education set forth by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) and the professional standards published by the National Council for Exceptional Children.

Through the years, the Lindenwood University College of Education and Human Services has continued to integrate the core education goals with the special education program. The program is designed to prepare both “regular” education teachers and “special” education teachers to work collaboratively to design and implement effective educational programs for all students. This requirement provides teachers seeking to add-on certification in special education a comprehensive understanding of the student’s entire educational delivery system.

If you are a currently certified teacher, you are encouraged to contact DESE and request a transcript evaluation in the area of special education K-12. DESE will then identify the remaining required courses. This information will then be used for your program planning.

Lindenwood University Education Faculty

The education faculty at Lindenwood University have many years of professional experience in the classroom, both as teachers and as teacher educators. Their knowledge and experience is a resource unto itself, and is beneficial to Lindenwood education students. They are readily accessible and always available to answer your questions.

Earning a Bachelor of Arts in Special Education at Lindenwood University

Clinical experiences within the Special Education program are required. If you currently hold Missouri teacher certification, you will receive your clinical experience through practicum requirements.

You will study subjects and areas of education and special education including behavior management, diagnosis of reading difficulties, remediation in elementary math, and many more subjects relevant to your success as a special education teacher in the classroom.

Upon completion of all the required courses, you will need to take and pass the required Missouri General Education Assessment to be considered a “highly qualified” teacher in the state of Missouri.

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