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K-12 Certification Areas

K-12 Certification Areas

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Bachelor of Arts (BA) offered in On-campus formats.

Various content areas in education have the benefit of providing a certification for teachers to teach education students from kindergarten all the way through grade 12. Lindenwood University offers certification in:

Your degree revolves around specific and thorough knowledge of your content area as well as application of this focus to the classroom. In order to transfer content knowledge to students, Lindenwood offers top education courses to prepare you to share the focus area to students of all ages. Educational philosophies, pedagogy, and research will be explored and discussed in order to prepare you for the classroom. Field experience is a vital part of this degree program as you work one-on-one with children, adolescents, and/or young adults, as well as collaborate and learn from an experienced educator in your chosen field. When you finish your certification in K-12 Education at Lindenwood, you are ready for your own classroom as a highly qualified and educated teacher.

Master of Arts in Teaching Students

MAT students are encouraged to examine the Missouri course requirements or competencies for their intended subject area. They should meet with an adviser to determine if any additional undergraduate content coursework is necessary.

Curriculum & Instruction - Teacher Ed