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Leadership (EdD) with Higher Education Administration Emphasis

Leadership (EdD) with Higher Education Administration Emphasis

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Doctor of Education (EdD) offered in Online and Blended formats.

Higher education administration focuses on leadership within a university, college or community college setting and does not lead to certification. The degree is intended for individuals seeking an administrative position in a post-secondary setting. Upon graduation students secure positions as administrators or faculty with long term career options including senior leadership at an institution. The higher education administration emphasis includes 15 credit hours in addition to the core coursework focused on legal considerations, financial connections, global implications, historical concepts, and student identify. All course outcomes align with the Leadership EdD conceptual framework domains: human centricity, organizational change, equity, ethics, and social justice and technology

Three Year Curriculum Plan

Semester 1
EDA78100 Creative Courage
EDA78200 Principles of Design Thinking

Semester 2
EDAH 73200 The College Student
EDA78500 American Education

Summer I
EDA78300 Leadership Theory and Application
EDA78400 Leading Organizational Change

Semester 3
EDA77700 Research Design, Methods and Ethics in Educational Research
EDA77800 Applied Qualitative Research Methods

Semester 4
EDAH 71500 Business Management in Higher Education Administration
EDA78910 Problem of Practice I

Summer II
EDAH 70500 Legal Aspects in Higher Education Administration
EDAH 71900 History of Higher Education in the United States

Semester 5
EDA77900 Applied Quantitative Research Methods
EDA78920 Problem of Practice II

Semester 6
EDAH 71800 Comparative Education Theory and Practice
EDA78930 Problem of Practice III

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