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Leadership (EdD) with Higher Education Administration Emphasis

EdD offered in Online formats

Three Year Curriculum Plan

Semester 1
EDA78100 Creative Courage
EDA78200 Principles of Design Thinking

Semester 2
EDAH 73200 The College Student
EDA78500 American Education

Summer I
EDA78300 Leadership Theory and Application
EDA78400 Leading Organizational Change

Semester 3
EDA77700 Research Design, Methods and Ethics in Educational Research
EDA77800 Applied Qualitative Research Methods

Semester 4
EDAH 71500 Business Management in Higher Education Administration
EDA78910 Problem of Practice I

Summer II
EDAH 70500 Legal Aspects in Higher Education Administration
EDAH 71900 History of Higher Education in the United States

Semester 5
EDA77900 Applied Quantitative Research Methods
EDA78920 Problem of Practice II

Semester 6
EDAH 71800 Comparative Education Theory and Practice
EDA78930 Problem of Practice III

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St. Charles, MO 63301