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Student Teaching Application Process

Student Teaching Application Process:
(All documents uploaded to Foliotek must be in either a .pdf or .jpg format.)

Student Teaching – Application Process

All student teaching applications are submitted electronically via the Foliotek system. Students MUST purchase and register for a Foliotek account through Canvas. After the initial registration to Foliotek through Canvas, students may access Foliotek directly at Education instructors should have links to Foliotek embedded in their class’s Canvas. The foliotek link is also available in the Canvas community. Instructions on how to join the community are provided by following this link.

Students must upload ALL components of the student teaching application (listed below) to the Foliotek system.

The deadlines for submitting all student teaching applications are as follows:

August 31 for Spring Semester*

Jan 31 for Fall Semester*

There is no guarantee of a student teaching placement for applications received after the deadline.

With the implementation of MoPTA, fall student teaching placements must be confirmed before the start of the district’s first day of school. Spring student teaching placements must be confirmed prior to the start of the district’s first day of the second semester. Late placements are no longer accepted.

Student Teaching Application Components

NOTE: All students must have been admitted to the Teacher Education Program to be eligible for student teaching. The teacher education application is found in Foliotek and must be completed on line. Instructions on how and when to apply are found through this link.

  1. Student Teaching Candidate Information Template (in Foliotek)– Student teaching candidates must complete the fields using upper and lower case.

  2. Student Teaching Candidate Resume (click link below for template and sample) – Student teaching candidates must complete a student teaching candidate resume using the template below. A sample is provided for reference.

    Student Teaching Candidate Resume template
    Sample Resume

  3. Philosophy of Education– Student teaching candidates must write a personal statement reflecting his/her views on teaching and learning, influences and inspirations, strengths and attributes, and plans to further their education. This philosophy should be 1-2 pages in length.

  4. Signed Advising/Program Planning Sheet(BINGO) – Student teaching candidates must schedule an appointment with their academic advisor for verification of eligibility to student teach. The education advisor will check for the completion of coursework prior to student teaching as well as ensuring that the student teaching candidate has successfully passed all education courses with a grade no lower than a "C" and that he/she has a cumulative GPA of 2.75 or above and a GPA of 3.0 in content courses. The advisor will also sign the program planning sheet verifying the student teaching candidate is ready to student teach.

  5. MoGEA (Undergraduates Only)-Missouri General Education Assessments (MoGEA)
    All undergraduate student teaching candidates must have passing scores on the MoGEA. Student teaching candidates must provide and upload individual score reports from the testing organization to verify their scores. For more information about the MoGEA, follow the provided link above. MoGEA Cut Scores after August 31, 2015 are 220 for all subtests. CBASE scores are no longer accepted.

    MoGEA Cut Scores:

    Before September 1, 2015
    English 186
    Writing 167
    Math/Science/SS 183
    On or After September 1, 2015
    066 Reading Comprehension and Interpretation 220
    067 Writing 220
    068 Mathematics 220
    069 Science and Social Studies    220
  6. Passing MO Content Assessment-Missouri Content Assessment (MoCA)
    All student teaching candidates must have passing scores on the MoCA. Student teaching candidates must provide and upload individual score reports from the testing organization to verify their scores. For special education certification, please refer to the linked table here. For more information about the MoCA, follow the provided link above.

    All content areas MoCA Passing Scores - 220

  7. Negative TB Test Results- The TB test is valid for one year. The TB test results must be valid for the entire dates of the student teaching experience.

    Students who pay a health fee through tuition may be eligible to receive free TB testing at Lindenwood’s Student Health Center. Call to determine eligibility: (636) 949-4804.

  8. Signed Letters of Recommendation (2)– These two recommendations may range from academic, employment, and/or character references. Student teaching candidates must include-at least one recommendation from someone who has observed them in a school setting or leadership role.

  9. Background Clearance– Background clearances are valid for one year. The clearance results must be valid for the entire dates of the student teaching experience. If the clearance has expired, an updated copy can be requested from the issuing agency free of charge by calling the number indicated on the website.

    To request a Missouri background check:

    Family Care Safety Registry at
    New applicants must pay a $12 processing fee.

    To request an Illinois background check:

    Illinois State Police
    New Background checks for Illinois are $16.00.

  10. Travel Waiver– Student teaching candidates must sign and date the Travel Waiver, which states that Lindenwood University will not be held responsible for activities that require student teachers to travel off campus. The waiver must state student teaching as the activity.

  11. Substitute Certificate – Student teaching candidates must have a valid substitute certificate. Applications for a substitute certificate must be made through DESE’s website. In order to obtain a substitute certificate, the student teaching candidate is responsible for (in order):

    a. Creating an educator profile at DESE.
    b. Applying for the substitute certificate online.
    c. Sending official transcripts to DESE verifying 60 college credit hours
    d. Having fingerprints taken and sent directly to DESE by using code 2301.
    e. Paying the $50 processing application for the substitute certificate.

    How to get finger printed for a substitute certificate.

    Student teaching candidates must schedule an appointment to get fingerprints taken through the Missouri State Highway Patrol for a background check and must have the results sent directly to DESE following the checklist provided at the link below.

    Missouri DESE - Fingerprinting/Background Check

    The cost of the fingerprint background check is $44.80. Prints are valid for one year and may need to be updated and re-sent to DESE in order to receive the initial professional certification (initial teacher certification) at the end of student teaching.

    Once the certificate is issued, it can be printed from the user’s profile page under “certification status.” Typical turn-around time for issuance of the certificate is one to two days upon receipt of fingerprints, official transcripts and submission of the application online. There is a processing fee of $50 for the substitute teaching certificate.

  12. Professional Liability Insurance

    Professional Liability Insurance is provided through student memberships in the following organizations (listed in alphabetical order):Missouri State Teachers Association (MSTA)and theNational Education Association (NEA). The insurance is valid for the length of membership and must be valid for the entire student teaching experience.

    Lindenwood University does not promote membership in either organization

Student teaching candidates are required to attend a mandatory student teaching informational meeting the semester prior to student teaching. The mandatory informational meeting is typically scheduled in April for fall student teaching and November for spring student teaching. The date will be announced to student teaching applicants via e-mail.

The weekly accompanying Student Teaching Seminar classes are scheduled to begin the first week of January for spring student teaching or the second week of August for fall student teaching, which is before Lindenwood’s semester typically begins. Attendance of each seminar class is essential and mandatory.

Access to a free scanner can be found at the Library and the computer labs in the Spellmann Center. For specific questions regarding the student teaching application and placement process, please visit our FAQ page or email

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