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Bachelor of Science in Paramedicine (BSP)

Earn a Bachelor of Science in Paramedicine (BSP) from Lindenwood University in one of three tracks: Traditional Student, Licensed Paramedic, or Military Medic.

Lindenwood University offers you the chance to earn a Bachelor of Science in Paramedicine (BSP). The BSP degree program is designed to develop a paramedic with a bachelor of science level education that is prepared to meet the needs of the profession.

If you wish to pursue a graduate medical degree in order to become a physician or physician assistant, you can select a minor in medical science.

BSP students are eligible for one of two tracks (Traditional Student or Experienced Paramedic) and have a choice of either an emphasis, minor in a medical science or other department-approved minor.

Traditional Student Track

The Traditional Student Track is for students who have no previous paramedic training and are receiving initial paramedicine education and training in order to be eligible for licensure as a paramedic. You will study subjects like medical terminology, pharmacology, and trauma paramedicine.

Curriculum for Traditional Student track

Experienced Paramedic Track 

The Experienced Paramedic Track requires a current State Paramedic license or National Registry Paramedic certification or National Registry Emergency Medical Technician Certification and documented United States Military Medic training or State or National Registry Paramedic Certification and experience. Subjects you will study include human pathophysiology, medical documentation, and pharmacology.

Curriculum for Experienced Paramedic track

What can you do with a BSP degree

As a paramedic, there are a variety of careers where paramedic licensure is an essential or preferred qualification for employment.  Employment opportunities for paramedics in a variety of areas, including ambulance, emergency department, flight, and tactical, plus emergency management, public safety, paramedic faculty, and occupational safety.

Paramedicine Minors

If you wish to further your medical education, you can minor in Medical Science (Pre-Med) or other approved departmental minor by selecting the minor instead of an emphasis.  The minor, along with the BSP degree, will provide you with the necessary foundation to be a strong candidate for graduate medical education programs and be eligible to apply to medical or physician assistant schools.

Licensed Paramedics

Licensed Paramedics who wish to continue their education and obtain the BSP can receive up to 48 credit hours of experiential credit.  BSP courses are offered both on campus and online.  The online option is especially helpful for paramedics working full time with irregular schedules.  Depending on the emphasis area, it is possible for licensed paramedics to take 100% of their degree program completely online.

Military Medics

Certain military medics may qualify for our Military Transition Paramedic course that can bridge a military medic to a licensed civilian paramedic in 16 weeks.  Upon completing the program, military paramedics can complete the rest of their BSP degree at Lindenwood on campus or online.

Contact the Department of Paramedicine

For more information about the Department of Paramedicine at Lindenwood University, contact Nick Miller, Paramedicine program director, at 636-949-4156 or by email at

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