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COVID-19 Information

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Environmental Science

Environmental Science

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Curious about environmental issues? Wondering how you can make a difference? Environmental Science could be the degree for you! Environmental scientists make the world a safer and healthier place for humans and wildlife!

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About Environmental Science at Lindenwood University

Lindenwood University offers a highly competitive Environmental Sciences B.S. in the Greater Saint Louis Region. Through this program, you will gain important technical knowledge to analyze and address a variety of environmental problems, including their causes, impacts, and methods of preventing environmental problems in the future. By earning a B.S. in environmental science at Lindenwood University, you will have options for professional employment in multiple areas, as well as be poised to enter graduate school to earn an advanced degree in a specialized area. The Environmental Sciences faculty members are experienced professionals in soil sciences, fate and behavior of chemical contaminants in the environment, environmental risk assessment, geology, geo-archaeology, geospatial methods, and hydrology. Lindenwood University also offers a minor in Environmental Sciences. Please see the Environmental Science brochure for more information about the program.

Earning a Degree in Environmental Science from Lindenwood University

A B.S. degree in Environmental Science requires a general education core curriculum, plus 74 credit hours in subject-specific course. You will study subjects like biological diversity, environmental policy, hydrology, chemistry, and many more.

What Can You Do with a Degree in Environmental Science from Lindenwood University?

A B.S. in environmental science will prepare you for multiple career choices and future options, such as:

  • A career in the private sector working with industry to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and permits.

  • Working for a consulting firm, investigating hazardous waste sites and providing recommendations on clean-up options.

  • A position with a federal or state regulatory agency to ensure that environmental regulations are being followed.

  • A career working for an environmental advocacy group to work toward environmental stewardship and sustainability by monitoring environmental and wildlife conditions.

  • An academic career by earning an advanced degree in a specialized area and through research expand and develop new techniques to assess environmental hazards and remediation.

As of 2020, median pay for Environmental Scientists is $73,230 per year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook is a great place to determine which path you should take.

Contact the Earth Science Department at Lindenwood University

Read more about the Environmental Science faculty. For more information about the Environmental Science bachelor of science program at Lindenwood, please contact Dr. Robin Rodriguez at (636) 627-4324 or at, Dr. Ana Londono at (636) 949-4720 or, or Dr. Jennifer Firestine at (636) 949-4188 or