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Computer Science (BA)

Computer Science (BA)

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Bachelor of Arts (BA) offered in On-campus formats.

Earning a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science from Lindenwood University

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science. If you are seeking in-depth knowledge of computer systems and the software that runs and controls them, the Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science is for you. B.A. Computer Science majors are generally concerned with the development and use of computer software for non-science, non-engineering based domains, such as computer animation for example. The B.A. in Computer Science requires the completion of 53 credit hours of coursework in computer science, mathematics, and physics, in addition to the general education requirements. All computer science core and elective courses take a hands-on approach using the computer to create solutions to problems or to illustrate concepts. Students pursuing this degree often minor in another discipline outside of science and mathematics.

What you can do with a degree in Computer Science from Lindenwood University

Computer science graduates can expect work in jobs as diverse as the design and development of commercial computer systems, creation of computer graphics and simulation programs, and the design of cyber security systems to prevent unauthorized access to an organization's data. The role of the computer industry has always been one of leadership in both science and commerce. Computerization includes such fields as online educational systems, computerized navigation systems, scanner-based retail inventory systems, and computerized monitoring of critical systems such as power plants, air traffic control systems, and national defense operations. Computer science graduates have provided the nation with technical edge to succeed in the global marketplace of ideas and innovations. The computer science industry has expanded into such diverse fields as virtual reality training, robotic exploration, and telecommunications. Career opportunities following graduation include: Data scientist, data analyst, information systems manager, IT consultant, IT technical support, cyber security analyst, application analyst, and more.