COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Information

Lindenwood continues to monitor the COVID-19 campus and make decisions in the best interest of the community. Students and employees demonstrating symptoms should complete the Initial Assessment Survey. COVID-19 Response and Resources.

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Here are important links to help College of Science, Technology, and Health students at Lindenwood University.

Welcome to the College of Science, Technology, and Health at Lindenwood University. We are excited to have you as a student in our programs. Below is an outline of some helpful resources that may helpful throughout completion of the Master’s in Health Sciences program. Each semester the information and dates will be updated. If you find something that needs to be updated, please contact Dr. Richmond at and explain what is missing.

Student Email

Student email is the primary means by which the university and your faculty members will communicate with you. Student email can be accessed via Office 365.

Student Portal, Online Course Registration

Your Student Portal houses important information related to your academic and financial records at Lindenwood. Within your portal, you enroll in classes, check transcripts, financial holds, class schedules and much more.

Degree Checklist

Degree checklist, or program planning sheets, exist for all programs at Lindenwood. 


Canvas is the online course management system used at the current time by Lindenwood University. Accessing Canvas via the login will allow you to access any information posted by your instructors. Students commonly need to access Canvas to download lectures, read papers or complete online quizzes, exams or other online learning activities. You can also download the Canvas app that allows you to customize notifications about your classes and other Canvas shells found in your portal. 

A Canvas shell titled Master’s, Health Sciences is available and all current students and faculty should have access to it.  If you do not have access to it, please email the Program Director, Scott Richmond, at  This Canvas shell houses key forms, dates, deadlines, etc.  This shell is intended to serve as a valuable resource for all Health Sciences graduate students.  If you notice any material that is in error or needs updating, please contact the Program Director to have the material fixed.

Academic Calendar

An up-to-date copy of the most current graduate academic calendar can be found online.

Health Sciences Graduate Handbook

The Health Sciences graduate handbook outlines many of the policies and procedures enforced throughout the Health Sciences program. Students are required to sign an acknowledgement they have read and understand the handbook to continue program through the program.

Key Forms

All of the key forms listed below and several more are available in the Health Sciences Graduate Handbook and in the Master’s, Health Sciences Canvas shell. If you do not have access to the Canvas shell, please contact Dr. Richmond at to request access.

Student Funding Opportunities (Research Grants & Scholarships)

Professional Organizations

Peer-Reviewed Journals with Health Sciences Emphasis

A detailed list of peer-reviewed journals that publish research in areas related to exercise science, human performance, sports medicine and sports nutrition can be found in the  Health Sciences Graduate Handbook.