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Lindenwood University offers programs in pre-engineering in which you can take the first two or three years of your program at Lindenwood and complete the remainder of your degree in your chosen engineering specialty at an affiliated university.

Lindenwood University currently has transfer/articulation agreements in place with the engineering programs at the following universities:

  • Missouri University of Science and Technology
  • Washington University in St. Louis

Depending on the program, you can either obtain a single degree in engineering or two degrees: one from Lindenwood in your major and an engineering degree from the affiliated university.

Engineering programs typically require completion of a core of courses in chemistry, computer science, mathematics, and physics. The Pre-Engineering Program at Lindenwood University provides those core courses. The core set of courses consist of the following:

General Chemistry 1 (3), General Chemistry 2 (3), General Chemistry 2 Lab (1)

Computer Science
Introduction to Computer Science: Python (3) or Introduction to Computer Science: JavaScript (3), Computer Science I (4)

Calculus I (5), Calculus II (5), Calculus III (5), Differential Equations (3)

General Physics I (4), General Physics II (4)

Additional coursework chosen from the following based on the student’s planned engineering field of study:
Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology (4), General Chemistry 3 (3), General Chemistry 3 Lab (1), Organic Chemistry (4), Linear Algebra I (3), Modern Physics (3)