Lindenwood Campus Closed (1/30) – No In-Person Classes

Lindenwood Campus Closed (1/30) – No In-Person Classes

Due to inclement weather and potentially hazardous road conditions, the Lindenwood University campus will be closed today, Monday, January 30. Non-essential employees are to work their regular hours remotely. Essential Employees should contact their supervisor for their on-campus schedule. We thank you in advance for your service.

Classes that are normally held in-person will be held virtually or will have learning activities that can be completed remotely. Students enrolled in classes that are online, hyflex, or hybrid should check Canvas and email for information from their professor, since many of these learning activities will continue virtually. Faculty should provide information regarding changes to class assignments and deadlines. Students should check Canvas and email for communication from their instructors.

All other in-person campus activities are canceled. Virtual events may continue as planned. Any change in dining service hours will be communicated and/or updated in GrubHub.

College of Science, Technology, and Health

Data Science (BS)

Data Science (BS)

College of Science, Technology, and Health NAVIGATION

Bachelor of Science (BS) offered in On-campus formats.

What is Data Science?

Data Science is an interdisciplinary field that lies at the intersection of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science. Data Scientists use their analytical, statistical, and technological skill to extract meaning and insight from data. They use data to construct statistical models that help them to explain certain phenomena, and to make predictions.

Why study Data Science?

We live in the era of Big Data. Businesses and other institutions have access to considerably more data than at any point in the past. Such institutions need skilled Data Scientists to help them to understand their data, and to use it to make decisions. There is currently a shortage of Data Scientists, and the demand of such individuals is expected to significantly increase over the next few years. Due to the high level of demand, as well as the value provided by Data Scientists, individuals working in this field tend to be very well-compensated for their work. The website reports that the median salary for Data Scientists in America is $110,000.

Data Science at Lindenwood University

Lindenwood University offers a Bachelors of Science in Data Science. This degree includes coursework in Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Data Analysis, and Machine Learning. Students in this program will get hands-on experience with technological tools used by industry professionals.

What you can do with a degree in Data Science from Lindenwood University

Following graduation, you can explore careers in the following areas: Data scientist, data analyst, data engineer, commercial intelligence manager consultant, business analytic, program/project manager, database administrator, and more. 

Resources for Learning Data Science

The website offers online courses providing training in many aspects of Data Science. The following DataCamp courses are available for free: