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Mathematics Resources

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Develop your analytical skills while studying Mathematics at Lindenwood University

Mathematics study shapes the way one thinks about problems and hones their ability for both abstract and analytical thought. A degree in Mathematics can provide you with the tools necessary to solve problems in many scientific, technological, or business related fields.

Careers in Mathematics

Individuals obtaining degrees in Mathematics find careers in a wide variety of fields, including: Actuarial Science, Biostatistics, Data Science, Economics, Education, Finance, Operations Research, as well as many others.

Mathematics Faculty

The faculty in the department of Mathematics at Lindenwood University are dedicated to providing excellent instruction and mentoring, both inside and outside of the classroom. They make a point of being accessible to students, and are happy to help their students find success in their classes, as well as in their future careers.

More information about the Mathematics Faculty can be found on the Department Faculty page.

Math Success Center

The Math Success Center is a haven for students seeking to conquer their mathematical challenges. Whether unraveling complex equations or mastering fundamental concepts, our skilled Math Tutors are dedicated to aiding students on their mathematical journey. Visit the Math Success Center page for more information.