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St. Charles, Mo. / St. Louis, Mo.
Public Health (BS)

St. Charles, Mo. / St. Louis, Mo.
Public Health (BS)

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Lindenwood University offers you the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Science in public health. A BS in public health will prepare you for careers in health promotion and disease prevention, administrative roles in public health, or to obtain advanced degrees in medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, or public health.

Bachelor of Science (BS) offered in On-campus formats.

St. Charles / St. Louis
Public Health (BS)

By earning a bachelor of science degree (BS) in public health at Lindenwood's St. Charles campus, you will attain the skills and the knowledge to improve health and reduce the risk for disease for individuals and communities. We are the prevention people! We help people make healthy choices so they lead long, healthy, and productive lives.

Two St. Louis public health degree students wearing teal shirts standing at a table presentation of their degree programThe St. Louis Public degree Health program at Lindenwood is committed to real-world experiences, small class sizes, and access to community organizations that will enhance your classroom learning. Our faculty have diverse experiences that they incorporate into their teaching, and broad professional networks to aid in students' development. All students obtain an internship their senior year at such locations as health departments, community coalitions, research centers, nonprofit agencies, federally qualified health centers and local political campaigns. 

  • Public Health Minor For students wanting to improve their understanding of health and illness as a compliment to their major. Any pre-medicine or pre-professional student would benefit from a minor in public health.

What Can You Do with a Degree in Public Health from Lindenwood University?

Possible career options with a Public Health bachelor's degree:

  • Health education & health promotion in hospitals, health departments, and non-governmental organizations
  • Local or state health departments, or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Communicable disease and infection control programs in hospitals and other health institutions
  • Public health research

Public Health Bachelor student on Lindenwood University's St. Charles Campus 

There are several factors that led me to the field of public health. I knew that I wanted to study medicine and that I had a great interest in chemistry and biology. However, I felt a strong desire to serve others and to continually work with people throughout my career. I wanted a social aspect to my degree that I could not find in a biology or chemistry degree alone. This led me to the field of Public Health.  

The core function of public health is to find programs, policies, and interventions that give everyone an equal level of opportunity to live long healthy lives. I have now developed a deep passion for public health and its main goal to serve those around us. My public health degree has changed my perspective on the world, and I have developed an even greater passion for providing care to the most vulnerable groups in our community. 

The public health education I have received has taught me to look at my future patients/colleagues through an equitable lens, understanding that everyone has a unique lived experience. This education gave me the skills necessary to be selected for a research internship program. I am so grateful for all of the public health professors and biology/chemistry professors that have worked so hard to help me grow as a student and future healthcare professional. I feel that I am well prepared for a future career in medicine, and I have developed a greater sense of confidence in my abilities to succeed in this field. 

-Paige Julius, Public Health (BS)