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Sociology is the scientific investigation of the social world that provides students with a deeper understanding of themselves, social problems, and social institutions. Most importantly, sociology equips students with the skills necessary to engage in social science research and elicit social change.

BA offered in Traditional formats

About Sociology at Lindenwood University

The Lindenwood University Division of Psychology and Sociology offers a bachelor of arts (BA) degree in sociology requiring 44-46 credit hours.

When you major in sociology at Lindenwood University, you will gain a broad global perspective for understanding society and its relationship to individual and group behavior. Courses within this degree program will help prepare you for a broad range of careers in law, government service, business, counseling, journalism, social services, urban policy development, teaching, international relations, consulting, and statistical survey research.

What is Sociology?

Sociology is the study of society. It is a discipline that uses various methods of empirical investigation and critical analysis to understand human social activity in many different contexts. Sociology majors learn how sociologists study human behavior ranging from the micro-level of individuals involved in social interaction to the macro-level of complex groups and organizations that influence the individual. Some sociologists focus on the study of common, routine, and norms that guide human behavior in everyday life. Sociologists do research on human social activity in small-scale pre-industrial societies as well as large scale industrial and post-industrial societies.

Sociology is a very broad discipline. It includes the study of social stratification and class inequalities, social mobility, race and ethnic relations, gender roles, and institutions such as the family, politics, religion, health care, and rural and urban social life, social deviance, social movements, and globalization. Sociological research methods draw upon a variety of qualitative and quantitative techniques in order to study social activity as it relates to these different contexts.

Earning a Degree in Sociology at Lindenwood University

Earning a BA degree in sociology at Lindenwood University requires 46 credit hours. Our courses and learning opportunities together provide a strong background for graduate school and the job market. You will study the concepts of sociology, cultural anthropology, psychology, sociocultural theory, plus have the opportunity to delve into topics such as social deviance, urbanization, the sociology of sport, social problems, race, gender, social and cultural change, plus many more. Degree requirements.

What Can You Do with a Degree in Sociology from Lindenwood University?

Sociology graduates from Lindenwood University find jobs in many different types of social service agencies. Sociology majors work for nonprofit organizations, government agencies, educational institutions, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and correctional institutions. They also find jobs in business and industry in market research, public relations, customer service, management, advertising, human resources, and sales.

Contact the Lindenwood University Sociology Department

For more information about Sociology at Lindenwood University, please call Dr. Suzanne Stoelting, Professor of Sociology at (636) 949-4733 or email at You can also contact Lindenwood University Admissions at (636) 949-4949 or