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Learn to speak the language of technology in Lindenwood University's Computer Science Program.

About Computer Science at Lindenwood University

In today's world, technology can be found in almost every facet of our daily lives. From cell phones to gaming consoles, automobiles to deep space probes, even televisions and microwave ovens have computational devices embedded within them. The computing systems that are found in each of these environments have all grown faster, smaller, and cheaper as time has progressed. This rapid development of technology leads to an ever increasing demand for highly qualified individuals with a strong background in both technical and communication skills. When you choose the computer science program at Lindenwood University, you have every opportunity to succeed.

What is computer science? Sometimes, it’s easier to answer this question by giving examples of things that are not Computer Science. Computer science isn’t designing or playing computer games, using Microsoft Office or any other prepackaged software, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS/X, or any other operating system, browsing the Internet, or building simple web pages.

Computer science is writing the software for a computer game, or designing the internal workings of a gaming system. It’s building applications like Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, Excel, etc. It is the ability to understand an operating system and being able to write components of an operating system yourself. It is understanding how data is transferred across the Internet and how a search engine actually works and building dynamic web pages with efficient scripting algorithms to fully utilize the power of the underlying computing systems.

As a computer science student at Lindenwood University, you will work in many areas. Programs that have been used in classes recently include databases, games, multimedia, network applications, and systems.

Some of the programming/scripting languages/libraries you will use include C, C++, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Jython, PHP, Python, SQL, and Visual Basic, although you may work with more, too.

Make no mistake about it, computer science is one of the more challenging majors available on any college campus across the United States, and the computer science program at Lindenwood University is no exception. There is an entire body of contemporary research dedicated to determining why this is the case, and two general conclusions have been reached:

  1. Students who are weak in mathematics tend to be weak in programming and therefore weak in computer science.
  2. Students tend to be unprepared for the constructive nature of the computer science discipline. In terms of coursework, this means that literally every topic discussed in any one class requires complete mastery of all previous work in the class. In other words, once you fall behind in a computer science class, your workload to catch up will double on an almost daily basis, and many students do not realize this until it is too late to recover. In most other disciplines this is not the case; for example, in mathematics, failure to master a particular topic might not mean you will not be able to understand the next one presented. However, in computer science, failure to master a topic is guaranteed to cause tremendous trouble with the next topic covered.

Lindenwood University Computer Science Faculty

The computer science faculty at Lindenwood University is comprised of scholars and teachers with expertise ranging from computer networks to distributed computing to simulation who are also mentors and academic advisors. They are easily accessible to their students, possessing a wealth of personal and professional knowledge and will pass that knowledge on to you.

Earning a Degree in Computer Science at Lindenwood University

At Lindenwood University, we offer three different degrees:

  • Bachelor of science in computer science.  If you are seeking an in-depth knowledge of the computer and computer systems, the bachelor of science in computer science is for you. Computer science majors are generally concerned with the use of computers for scientific oriented methods, applied mathematical problems, and research. In addition to computer science courses, you will be required to take courses in calculus and physics. Students pursuing this degree either minor in mathematics or add mathematics as a second major.
  • Bachelor of arts in computer science. This degree requires 57 credit hours. Topics of study include programming, areas of mathematics including statistics and physics, and database systems and is for students who are seeking a broader knowledge of computer systems.
  • Bachelor of arts in computer information systems. The BA in computer information systems requires 60 credit hours. This particular degree program is intended for students interested in the business applications of computers and business oriented methods and issues. You will be required to complete courses in accounting, economics, management, and organizational behavior. Students in this program should consider a minor in some aspect of business.

Earning a Minor in Computer Science at Lindenwood University

Lindenwood University offers a minor in computer science, which requires 23 credit hours. A minor is simply a secondary academic subject to add to your knowledge, whether it is of professional or personal interest. When you minor in computer science at Lindenwood University, you will study programming languages, data structure, and more. A minor in computer science, coupled with a major of your choice, can make you a more desirable candidate to potential employers. 

What You Can Do with a Computer Science Degree from Lindenwood University

Lindenwood University graduates with a computer science degree usually find degree related work fairly quickly after graduation. Perhaps more importantly, computer science related careers have been consistently rated among both the best compensated and most satisfying over the past several decades. In other words, a computer science degree is likely to pay dividends to our graduates for essentially their entire career. Graduates of the Lindenwood University computer science program go on to work for many businesses, including Edward Jones, Boeing, SSM Healthcare, among others. Recent graduates have also gone on to succeed in graduate school programs across the United States. Current undergraduate Computer Science majors also participate in internships with local companies and undergraduate research opportunities.

Since the computer science field contains many career paths, consulting the Occupational Outlook Handbook at the Bureau of Labor Statistics is recommended. It is an excellent resource with salary and job growth information that is invaluable as you plan your future.

Contact the Lindenwood University Computer Science Department

For more information about the Lindenwood University computer science department, contact Renee VanDyke, computer science department chair, at (636) 949-4722 or or contact Lindenwood University Admissions at 636-949-4949 or by email at

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