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What is Data Science?

Data Science is an interdisciplinary field that lies at the intersection of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science. Data Scientists use their analytical, statistical, and technological skill to extract meaning and insight from data. They use data to construct statistical models that help them to explain certain phenomena, and to make predictions.

Why study Data Science?

We live in the era of Big Data. Businesses and other institutions have access to considerably more data than at any point in the past. Such institutions need skilled Data Scientists to help them to understand their data, and to use it to make decisions. There is currently a shortage of Data Scientists, and the demand of such individuals is expected to significantly increase over the next few years. Due to the high level of demand, as well as the value provided by Data Scientists, individuals working in this field tend to be very well-compensated for their work. The website reports that the median salary for Data Scientists in America is $110,000.

Data Science at Lindenwood University

Lindenwood University does not currently offer a degree in Data Science, but does offer several courses relevant to the field. Lindenwood regularly offer courses in Applied Statistics and Computer Science that provide a foundation for anyone interested in studying Data Science. In addition, the Departments of Mathematics and Computer Science periodically offer "Special Topics" courses in Data Science, such as "Data Mining" and "Machine Learning". It is very possible for a student majoring in either Mathematics or Computer Science to tailor their degree program to prepare themselves for a career in Data Science.

Resources for Learning Data Science

The website offers online courses providing training in many aspects of Data Science. The following DataCamp courses are available for free:

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