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The Lindenwood Participant Pool (LPP) was established in 2002 to provide opportunities for students enrolled in entry-level social science courses exposure to scholarly activities outside of the classroom for bonus points, and to provide opportunities for researchers to recruit voluntary participants for their studies in an ethical manner. The LPP consists of students enrolled in select courses in psychology as well as anthropology, criminology and criminal justice,and sociology, based on the professor's preference.

Researchers interested in recruiting participants from the LPP must submit an approval letter from the Lindenwood University Institutional Review Board and study the rules and guidelines for online studies and/or in-person studies and pass the corresponding quiz with a grade of 90% or better.  It is important for all researchers to be aware that the LPP stresses equal opportunity and subject selection through the LPP is not permitted.

If you would like more information about the LPP, please contact the LPP Office by email by writing to, call (636) 949-4673, or visit the LPP Office in MAB 204. You may also contact the faculty supervisor for the LPP Office, Dr. Michiko Nohara-LeClair by email at or call (636) 949-4371.

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