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Jul 2

The Plan to Reopen Campus

Roaring Return

Lindenwood University has implemented a phased return to campus and will begin the fall semester as scheduled on August 24. Lindenwood personnel and offices continue to be available for business by telephone and email. Please visit for continued updates and information about health and safety policies.

Thesis Committee Members and Expertise

The following information has been provided for students in the Master of Science in Health Sciences to better understand:
1) What faculty members are available to serve as committee members on their thesis projects
2) What role or what capacity these individuals are allowed to provide
3) The areas of interest and expertise for each of these faculty members

Appointment Privileges Status / Requirements
L0 -Teaches undergraduate-level classes-Serve as reader or ex officio member of a student’s master’s thesis committee. Holds non-faculty position. Earned non-doctoral graduate degree. Has not completed thesis.
L1 -All the privileges of L0-May serve as active committee member of a student’s master’s thesis committee. Earned non-doctoral graduate degree. Has completed thesis.
L2 -All the privileges of L1-Teaches graduate-level classes-May serve as Chair of a student’s master’s thesis committee. Earned doctoral degree.
Faculty Name Graduate Appointment Expertise and Research Interests
Cynthia Schroeder, PhD L2
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Athletic Training
Kate Tessmer, PhD L2
  • Statistical analysis
  • Research Design/Formatting
  • Perceptual aspects of exercise physiology
  • Specific populations
Scott Richmond, PhD L2
  • General exercise physiology
  • Cellular and molecular considerations of exercise physiology
  • Sports performance
  • Ergogenic aids & nutritional supplementation
Andrew Jagim, PhD L2
  • Sports nutrition strategies to improve athletic performance
  • Safety and efficacy of dietary supplements
  • Novel training strategies to improve performance and body composition
Annie Alameda, EdD L2
  • Wellness education
  • Stress management
  • Nutrition education
  • Health behavior change
Susan Gustafson, MS Ed L1
  • Immune health and the athlete
  • Exercise induced bronchoconstriction
  • Cardiorespiratory and cardiovascular health
Chad Kerksick, PhD L2
  • Sport nutrition and supplementation
  • Resistance training and performance
  • Body composition augmentation with diet and exercise
  • Strength and conditioning and performance
  • Muscle physiology / exercise biochemistry and molecular biology
Paul Wright, PhD L2
  • Sports and performance psychology
  • Psychometric testing
  • Physiological movement screening and testing
Catherine Shoff, PhD L2
  • Quantitative design and analysis
  • Multivariate models
  • Geospatial modeling
  • Qualitative design and analysis
  • Research methods and design
  • Program development, implementation and evaluation
Michael Reese, MS L1
  • Strength and conditioning of athletes
  • Performance protocol and test development
  • Predictors of athletic performance, power assessments, athlete profiling and athlete monitoring
Tom Godar, MS L1
  • Athletic injury prevention
  • Exertional heat stress
  • Sports concussion evaluation and rehabilitation
Bill Dill, EdD L1
  • Exertional heat illness
  • Patient rated outcomes
  • Injury prevention programs
Jessica Randolph, EdD L2
  • Functional Movement Screen utilization, relationship with injury and performance
  • Sport performance enhancement though training methodologies
Petey Mumford, PhD 
  • Supplementation, Nutrition, and Performance Interventions
  • Skeletal Muscle Physiology and Molecular Biology
  • Advanced Lab Techniques and Statistical Analysis
Kyle Sunderland, PhD
  • Aerobic exercise and performance
  • Exercise and nutritional interventions for health and performance
  •  Exercise and nutritional interventions for metabolic disease
  • Exercise biochemistry and molecular biology
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