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Pre-Professional degrees offered in Traditional formats

As a pre-optometry student, you will typically follow the Lindenwood University curriculum for either a bachelor of science degree in biological science, or a bachelor of science degree in chemistry with an emphasis in biochemistry. Either of these degrees will get you the prerequisite coursework that you need to be a good candidate for application to an optometry school. These courses include:

  • General Chemistry at least 2 semesters (with laboratories)
  • General Biology at least 2 semesters (with laboratories)
  • Organic Chemistry - 2 semesters (with laboratories)
  • Biochemistry – 1 semester
  • Anatomy and Physiology  - 2 semesters (with laboratories)
  • Microbiology – 1 semester (with laboratory)
  • General Physics - 2 semesters (with laboratories)
  • English Reading and Composition – at least 1 semester
  • Behavioral Science – 1 semester of psychology
  • 2 or more semesters of math (including statistics and calculus)

It is generally recommended that as you complete the degree. If you have specific optometry schools in mind, you should work with your major advisor to make sure that you complete any specific courses that are required by that school. 

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