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Nursing (BSN)

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The nursing workforce continues to experience drastic shortages, and qualified nurses remain in high demand. Lindenwood University is committed to reversing this trend by advancing nursing education and preparing professional nurse leaders who reflect and affect future populations, healthcare, and technologies.

Lindenwood University advances closer towards nursing program!

In Summer 2022, Lindenwood University received approval from the Missouri State Board of Nursing on our petition to create a BSN program. The program is presently pursuing initial program approval by the Missouri State Board of Nursing, the next step in the process. The nursing program has high levels of endorsement and support from internal institutional committees, the board of trustees, as well as local and regional healthcare systems eager to develop, maintain, and sustain clinical partnerships.

Starting in Fall 2023, we will be admitting individuals who are prospective nursing students. These students will begin a sequence of courses in preparation for the nursing program. These courses are foundational degree topics necessary to build and satisfy core science and general education competencies.

The pre-nursing courses will be offered starting August 2023, with the first nursing didactic and clinical courses expected in August 2025.

Curriculum Overview

The traditional, four-year BSN curriculum is based on the perspective and industry-anticipated needs of nursing practice, as well as standards outlined by the Missouri State Board of Nursing and national accreditation bodies. Lindenwood University’s program is structured where students complete the general education and support courses in their freshman and sophomore years prior to beginning concentrated nursing courses in their junior and senior years.

Commonly referred to as a “2-plus-2” model, the curriculum is competency-based, structured upon nesting and sequencing platforms of standards. Course content and learning experiences progress from simple to complex and from the care of individuals to the care of diverse families, groups, and communities. Learning experiences enable the development of knowledge, values, and essential skills required to provide professional care to various individuals across the care continuum and lifespan.

Interested Applicants

Interested future nursing students are encouraged to contact the Lindenwood University Office of Admission. As general university application and admission to the university will be required prior to starting pre-nursing coursework.

Application to the nursing component of the program will commence at a later time. This application process will be selective, requiring core, prerequisite courses to be completed. More details on admission to the clinical program will follow in future updates and after all appropriate regulatory approvals have been granted.

Nursing Program Approval Process

Lindenwood University has successfully obtained petition approval from the Missouri State Board of Nursing to offer a BSN program, which is the first step in the curriculum development process. Lindenwood University continues to adhere to all compulsory and obligatory processes to acquire the remaining approvals.

With the official petition now approved by the Missouri State Board of Nursing, Lindenwood University is generating the full program proposal for submission to the Missouri State Board of Nursing in spring 2023.

Lindenwood University is currently working with the Higher Learning Commission to include the BSN program among those already approved by the Higher Learning Commission.

The nursing program will seek programmatic accreditation at the required time.

The university has identified space for future nursing labs. This space will be refashioned during 2024 and finished in 2025 in preparation for the first nursing lab courses in Fall 2025.