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Therapeutic Recreation (BS)

Therapeutic Recreation (BS)

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Earn your degree in Therapeutic Recreation from Lindenwood University!

Bachelor of Science (BS) offered in On-campus formats.

About Therapeutic Recreation at Lindenwood University

The Therapeutic Recreation program provides a firm foundation of classes and hands-on learning experiences designed to help you develop skills in assessment, planning, programming, leadership, and evaluation. The coursework and classroom learning experiences prepare you to sit for the CTRS (Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist) credential administered through the NCTRC (National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification).

Earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Therapeutic Recreation

When you pursue a B.S. in Therapeutic Recreation at Lindenwood, you will take courses in subjects like program design and event management, recreation facility design and operation, leisure in contemporary society, plus an internship. The bachelor of science degree requires 72-83 credit hours within the therapeutic recreation field, plus general education core class requirements.

Therapeutic Recreation Faculty at Lindenwood University

The Therapeutic Recreation faculty at Lindenwood University is highly skilled and knowledgeable, always ready to help you out. They are professionals in the field and experienced educators, ready and willing to pass on their knowledge of the field to you. They are accessible, which makes it convenient and easy to reach them whenever you have questions.

What Can You Do with a Degree in Therapeutic Recreation?

The undergraduate courses needed to earn a B.S. in Therapeutic Recreation will prepare you for applied leadership positions with clinical and community agencies providing a wide variety of health care services. Typical employment agencies include long-term care facilities, residential treatment institutions, hospitals, community centers, outdoor adventure camps, senior centers and retirement complexes, wilderness camp facilities, juvenile detention centers, universities, community-based inclusion programs, Paralympic and Special Olympics, and drug and alcohol treatment centers.

Contact the Therapeutic Recreation Program

Contact the Lindenwood University Physical Education, Wellness, and Recreation department by calling associate dean Dr. Kate Tessmer at (636) 627-2949 or via email at