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Current students of Lindenwood who are majoring in Computer Science or Computer Information Systems can find information related to advising and registration, as well as social media and the Computer Science Club, by following the links on this page.

Advising Tools and Registration Information

Students may graduate under the catalog that was in effect at the time the student was first admitted (unless the student has "stopped out" with a year or more of leave before being readmitted - in which case the catalog in effect at the time of readmission will be enforced). Following is a link to the current year's course catalog, final exam schedule, course schedule, and academic calendar, as well as a link to archived catalogs for prior years.

Students will find advising tools including Advising Program Flowcharts, Major Declaration Forms (a.k.a Bingo Sheets), and Sample 4-year schedules, for use in helping them in meeting with their advisor each semester in preparation for registration for the following semester, by clicking on the following link.

Most students, except for student athletes (who will need to meet with Rene Meyer in athletics), will be expected to register through the student portal.  Students can also find additional useful information on the student portal.  The student portal can be reached by clicking on the following link.

Computer Science Social Media

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