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Mathematics (BS) with Actuarial Studies Emphasis

BS offered in Traditional formats

Find a job in one of the top job markets in the United States with a degree in actuary science from Lindenwood University.

The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics with Actuarial Studies Emphasis prepares you for a career in actuarial sciences while also providing a rigorous background in other areas of mathematics, computer science, and physics. 

When you complete the BS in Mathematics with Actuarial Studies emphasis at Lindenwood University, you will be well-prepared for entry level positions in the actuarial field, but will also have strong analytical and problem-solving skills that will be valuable to employers in many other technical and scientific fields.  The BS in Mathematics with Actuarial Studies Emphasis will also prepare you for graduate studies in mathematics and related fields.

If you are unfamiliar with actuarial science, actuaries are business professionals who use mathematical and statistical problem-solving skills to study the financial impact of risk and uncertainty. Actuaries primarily work for insurance companies, consulting firms, and government organizations. However, they also work for universities, banks and investment firms, hospitals, and many other types of organizations.  Actuaries tend to earn high incomes and are always in high demand.  Studies consistently rank actuary among the top jobs in the US (often as the number 1 job).

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