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The Lindenwood Learning Academy’s mission is to provide for the professional and personal success and wellness of Lindenwood employees from the time of application through retirement. The Learning Academy will bridge the gap between the current state of employee development and the desired standards and norms for performance, communication, and personal and professional growth. Lindenwood will strengthen its people, develop the skills behind its operations, and build upon its broad core of knowledge through continuous improvement and the intentional development of its employees.

Learning Academy Directors

Brittany D. Brown

Brittany Brown, Director of Employee Development, joined Lindenwood University in 2011. Brittany began as the Financial Aid and Business Office Coordinator at the Lindenwood University – Belleville Campus. In 2015, she joined the St. Charles Human Resources team as the HR Adjunct Coordinator, where she supported nearly 1000 adjunct instructors each semester.

Brittany is now enjoying her current role in Employee Development. She is putting her Masters of Arts in Teaching degree to great use as she roles out the ‘Q2 Service Excellence’ model to the university. She is working with a team to teach employees what it means to be dedicated to our students in all of our endeavors, all of the time, not just when it is convenient.

Lindenwood’s Q2 Service Excellence model starts with just two questions, ‘What’ and ‘How’? We are beginning to live out the service by asking two simple questions, ‘What are your expectations’ and ‘How can I exceed those expectations’? This mindset builds the foundation for the kind of service Lindenwood University will be known for, and she is proud to be a part the culture shift that has begun.

Erin I. Mann, PhD

Erin Mann, Associate Provost for Academic Operations, came to Lindenwood in 2012 as a faculty member in English on the Belleville campus. She joined the administrative team in Academic Affairs in 2015 in her current role after serving as Chair of English and Interim Division Chair of Humanities in Belleville.

Her academic research centers on religion and gender in medieval literature, and she has published on the pedagogy of book history. She has maintained long interest in effective teaching practices, beginning when she spent a year as a teacher of high school English in Austria after earning her undergraduate degree and extending throughout her academic career.

In addition to working on faculty development, Erin collaborates with departments throughout the Lindenwood system to improve academic services for students, including the library, the bookstore, and the university writing center, as well as the advising and new-student enrollment processes.

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