COVID-19 Information

COVID-19 Information

Lindenwood continues to monitor the COVID-19 campus and make decisions in the best interest of the community. Students and employees demonstrating symptoms should complete the Initial Assessment Survey. COVID-19 Response and Resources.

Human Resources



Staff Council was established in July 2014 with the encouragement and approval of the university president. The purpose of the Staff Council is to:

  • Promote sincere interest and concern for continuing the missions and goals of Lindenwood University;
  • Serve as the representative body for the staff employees of the university;
  • Provide an additional channel of communication for staff with administration and faculty; 
  • Assist the administration with advice, as needed, on policy issues relevant to the staff;
  • Address concerns of the general staff population and seek improvement of staff work environment, conditions, and processes;
  • Foster a spirit of unity and cooperation.

Staff Council Newsletter

Staff Council Members 2020-2021

Chair: Brooke Gutermuth

Vice Chair:  Cheryl Delaporta

Secretary: Rachael Heuermann

Department Representatives

Academic Affairs
Benita Phillips Lester and Whitley Huxhold

Advancement and Communications
Alley Bardon and Rachael Heuermann

Enrollment Management and Student Engagement 
Adam Benkendorf and Kelly Ahne

Fiscal Affairs
Cheryl Delaporta and Tina Osterwisch

Human Resources
Brooke Gutermuth and Jennifer Hennings

Information Technology
Tim McNamee and Benjamin Ra

Intercollegiate Athletics and Campus Recreation
Blake Bunton and David Musso

Samantha Kennedy and Kyle Routh


Adam Benkendorf
Cheryl Delaporta
Jennifer Hennings - chair
Rachael Heuermann
Whitley Huxhold

Award and Recognition
Kelly Ahne
Alley Bardon - chair
Brooke Gutermuth
Dave Musso
Kyle Routh

Activity and Engagement
Blake Bunton
Samantha Kennedy
Tim McNamee - chair
Tina Osterwisch
Benita Phillips Lester
Ben Ra