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Fellows Program

Fellows Program

The Lindenwood Learning Academy Employee and Faculty Fellows Program provides an opportunity for Lindenwood’s full-time employees to practice leadership in areas of professional development. Fellows also advocate for, support, and guide the Lindenwood Learning Academy during their tenure and will serve as an ongoing resource to their colleagues throughout the Lindenwood system in the area of their fellowship.

Duties and Responsibilities

Fellows applicants should propose a development project to improve their own skills and those of colleagues system-wide, inside and outside the classroom, in one of the areas described below. These projects run through the academic year and may take any reasonable form, including organizing a conference, an online course, a blog or other form of public engagement, a series of videos, intensive strategic work with a particular group, or some combination thereof. Creativity is strongly encouraged.

Fellows will meet monthly to discuss project progress and explore possible avenues for support and collaboration; they will also provide guidance to LLA staff and support LLA initiatives as appropriate. The system-wide nature of these positions means that fellows will likely be required to travel to other Lindenwood sites in the St. Louis area, including the Belleville and St. Charles campuses and the Old Post Office, for meetings and development offerings. Applicants should carefully consider how employees from all sites, campuses, and delivery modalities can be included in their project.

Become a Fellow

Position Descriptions

Bulleted descriptions delineate starting points for fellow positions, but do not represent limits or comprehensive requirements. Applicants are encouraged to interpret categories as broadly as may be helpful in addressing their own particular area of interest, but should clarify in their application statement how the category applies to their project.