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Faculty Council

Faculty Council

The Faculty Council is a shared governance body for faculty members at Lindenwood University. Principal responsibilities of the Lindenwood Faculty Council are as follows:

  • To evaluate and make recommendations on faculty and administrative personnel matters, including faculty positions, candidates, promotions, hiring, initial ranks, professional responsibilities, and recognitions;
  • To evaluate faculty personnel policies and procedures, and recommend periodic revisions and improvements in those areas;
  • To define and promote scholarly activities;
  • To serve as the representatives of the faculty in regard to review, evaluation, and adoption of academic policies and procedures, including general education structure and advancement;
  • To plan, call, and run all general faculty meetings and regularly scheduled general faculty workshops;
  • To review and recommend policies and/or actions appropriate to address issues of concern submitted by faculty members, faculty committees, or the administration;
  • To maintain the Lindenwood University Guidebook through a collaborative effort involving all Faculty Council, staff Council, human resources, and administration;
  • To support and ensure that academic freedom is maintained and encouraged at Lindenwood University;
  • To play an instrumental role in the development and approval of academic and classroom policies;
  • To participate in the review and planning of University-wide initiative

Faculty Council Members 2021-2022

Chair: Meri Marsh

Vice Chair: Katie Shoff

Ombudsman: Grant Shostak

Secretary: Anna Schnellmann

Academic College Representatives:

College of Arts and Humanities
Geremy Carnes
Dennis Schmickle
Ana Schnellmann
Janet Strzelec

Plaster College of Business and Entrepreneurship
Shelly Meyer
Karolina Schneider
Dan Sweeney

College of Education and Human Services
Holly Karraker
Denise King
Lynda Leavitt

College of Science, Technology, and Health
Katie Shoff
Grant Shostak
Nick Wintz

Ex Officio Members
Bethany Alden-Rivers
Deb Ayres