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Learning Academy Faculty Fellows

Dr. Rebecca Foushee

Student Engagement BINGO! and Online Learning Community

This project involves developing an online learning community in Canvas that will provide an outlet for faculty to collectively learn about, discuss, and assess various student engagement practices. Each week between June and November, there will be a discussion and a new engagement strategy will be listed on the BINGO! Card. Readings and activities related to each high-impact or student engagement practice will also be uploaded. The goal of the BINGO! game is to implement as many high-impact and engaging activities as possible in your courses throughout fall semester. In early December, all faculty participating in the online learning community and playing Student Engagement BINGO! will come together to eat, discuss, and present their experiences. Awards and prizes will also be presented. 

Dr. Elizabeth Fleitz

Faculty Certificate in Writing Program

This project will create a training program for faculty who are interested in integrating writing into their courses. Improving our teaching of writing will make great strides in improving our students’ writing, as they will be able to practice these skills more thoroughly in more of their courses, be more successful in reaching our expectations for student learning, and be better prepared post-graduation. This program can also help us, as a as a university, place a greater value on one of the most-desired job skills for new hires. This professional development program is meant for all faculty across the university, in any department, with any level of experience with using writing in their courses. It will consist of a series of learning materials on topics relevant to using writing in the classroom, including (but not limited to) using writing in the classroom, creating effective writing assignments, assessing student writing, and common problems involving writing. Learning opportunities and resources will include written texts, video presentations (webinar or pre-recorded format), an online discussion community, and in-person one-hour workshops.

Dr. Mitch Nasser

Take it Further Canvas Community

The Take it Further project asks faculty and staff to examine how their own identities may impact how they see and serve students. I will offer the chance to participate in a three-part workshop series during which participants will review their current practices, reflect on how informal comments or actions can impact the student experience, and identify adjustments they can make to improve student experiences and achievement. I will also host the same three-part series live via Canvas for those who cannot attend face-to-face sessions. Additionally, I will offer a weekly Canvas discussion on relevant topics. 

Gillian Parrish

Integrating Contemplative Pedagogy

Twenty-first century pedagogy demands that we prepare students to thrive as leaders and continuous learners in their future organizations. Our students will be entering a time of heightened uncertainty, a time of rapid changes as we face global problems born of disconnected thinking—climate crisis and social crisis driven by wealth, health, and educational inequality, all of which bear the additional pressure of the coming wave of automation. Contemplative pedagogy includes the breath, the senses, as well as intra- and interpersonal dimensions of the learning process. Contemplative pedagogy takes many forms. A common approach is to begin class with a minute or two of attention to the breath. By making space in this way, contemplative pedagogy lends itself to a powerful aspect of learning: reflection. With brief, simple techniques, faculty can provide opportunities—in person and online—that can deepen student's thinking about course material, help them improve meta-cognition, and increase their self-awareness and compassion for others. Through my fellowship, I will continue the guest-teaching I've been doing in the Plaster College of Business and will begin working closely with a few faculty in other schools this spring to integrate contemplative pedagogy in their courses. Faculty participants will have spring and summer to cultivate their own practices and will start to integrate in their classrooms in the fall. Additionally, I will offer a workshop on getting started with contemplative pedagogy in the fall and provide a Canvas shell with some resources for faculty and staff who want to explore contemplative practices.

Heather Pennington


RespectAbility will provide the chance to learn to approach and accept people of all abilities to the Lindenwood campus! The RespectAbility project involves a series of events, discussions, presentations, speakers, and more. It will be a resource for those who are interested in improving the experiences of students, faculty, staff, and future students who have chronic diseases, mental health issues, or different abilities of some sort. The Ability Awareness Experience events include, but are not limited to, Coffee Conversations for one-on-one troubleshooting or education, an Ability Awareness School Tour, Ability Awareness Webinars, and Ability Awareness experiences like an Amazing Race challenge.

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