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In order to remain in step with societal and global changes, the need for an organization to transform fluidly is critical. The College of Education and Human Services further understands and believes change can be transformational when addressed collaboratively and as a collective, while valuing the inclusion of diverse perspectives, especially when taking a human-centric approach.

This program is designed for the scholar-practitioner interested in organizational change through a human-centric dimension. Through this approach, students will also gain knowledge and experience in issues of ethics, equity, social justice and technology with courses responding to some aspect of each dimension as noted below:

Develop and transform educational processes, practice and organizations.
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Human-centric Becomes an immigrant to the future when designing creative solutions.
Organizational Change Evaluates educational policy and systems focused on continual improvement.
Ethics, Equity and Social Justice Deconstructs bias to create change and address inequities in education.
Technology Explores the capacity of technology to redesign the learning experience.

Implement design thinking principles and applied research methodology.
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Human-centric Engages stakeholders when seeking solutions related to learning systems, process and procedures.
Organizational Change Understands and applies organizational change theories to iterate innovative solutions.
Ethics, Equity and Social Justice Researches current educational issues by developing equitable and ethical research design.
Technology Maximizes the use of digital resources in research design development and implementation.

Emerge as a Scholar Practitioner.
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Human-centric Engages empathy for risk taking, experiential understanding fostering a culture of creativity, innovation and non-linearity.
Organizational Change Challenges the current educational landscape; ideates to prototype new solutions.
Ethics, Equity and Social Justice Defines educational issues by listening to diverse points of view with dignity and respect.
Technology Incorporates technology to create unique connections while generating human-centric solutions.