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Dr. Karl Kammerer, Director

Karl Kammerer is the Director of the Duree Center for Entrepreneurship in the Hammond Institute for Free Enterprise. In addition, Dr. Kammerer is a faculty member in the Plaster School of Business and Entrepreneurship at Lindenwood University, serving as Assistant Professor, Management.

Ice House Entrepreneurship Program

The Ice House Entrepreneurship Program is designed to inspire and engage participants in the fundamental aspects of an entrepreneurial mindset and the unlimited opportunities it can provide.

Who Owns the Ice House Podcast

Duree Center Director Dr. Karl Kammerer discusses his background and the Who Owns Ice House? Program.

Video - Ameristar Ice House Entrepreneurship Program

The Duree Center for Entrepreneurship seeks to inspire and support the entrepreneurial spirit in the Greater St. Louis region.

The Center serves as a forum to foster collaboration among its patrons creating, nurturing, and advancing entrepreneurial endeavors through entrepreneurship education and events.

Lindenwood University
209 S. Kingshighway
St. Charles, MO 63301